• Yes it is.

    Without net nuetrality there would be nothing stopping companies from slowing down or stopping traffic to certian websites. Net nutrality protects consumers and allows them to access the entire internet freely and safely without having to worry about uneven throttling or blocking of certiain websites by slowing down access to them.

  • Yes, net nutrality is a good idea.

    Net neutrality, for now, remains a good idea, as it levels the playing field for recipients of internet access. As it stands, consumers are able to choose specific payment plans to fit their budgets, so the providers are able to get more money from more premier customers such as local companies who need faster internet service to keep up with business. Nothing else is needed.

  • No, guaging of prices is inevitable

    Net neutrality can lead to the reduction on prices of internet, but most likely the prices will only rise. The possibility that internet providers will take this situation and run up the prices per unit of data is more likely than unifying the prices will equal cheaper internet. While it would be nice to not have to pay crazy prices that only rise as you get to higher speeds of access, the possibility that the cost of data would match those of phone data providers is very minimal.

  • It's not good service.

    Net neutrality does not allow service providers to provide good service. If someone wants to do something illegal or stream a great deal of content, the network service provider has to give that the same priority as people who want to do honest and productive things for the internet. The service provider needs to have discretion to give people legal content that they want.

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