• Yes, but no

    Netanyahu is not the ultimate cause for the unrest in Gaza. But there are two sides to a story. Hamas may be agitating, but Netanyahu is not backing down either. People usually forget/don't know that Israelis have dropped many, many bombs on Gaza and killed innocent civilians in the process. And many Jews went to Israel illegally after WW2, increasing the Jewish population in a country that was already inhabited by Palestinians. The Israelis already have a good deal of land, and Palestinians need someplace to live!

  • An ongoing issue

    Netanyahu could not have really done much to change the course of the current conflict. The current Gaza crisis has been brewing ever since the Hamas/Fatah unity government and became significantly worse after the three Israeli teens were kidnapped. The conflict was always going to happen, no PM would have had a choice against public opinion.

  • No, Netanyahu is not ultimately responsible for Gaza.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu has been active with efforts to resolve current conflict with the Hamas in Gaza, however the Hamas are moving forward with the current confrontation. Operation Protective Edge was launched to control the Hamas rocket fire as well as declare a proctection of all Gaza Strip areas. The Hamas have further escalated the situation, unfortunately the Prime Minister is just as willing to escalate.

  • Palestinian Terrorism Caused the Unrest in Gaza

    Palestinian terrorists abducted and murdered Jewish teenagers. When you purposely attack people's children, you have to expect strong retaliation. The Israeli how any rational government would to terror attacks against children. To expect them to hold back in this matter is completely unrealistic. No doubt the terrorists targeted children to provoke this response.

  • No, Netanyahu not reponsible for latest Gaza unrest

    Though Netanyahu has recently ordered the Israeli army to prepare for an invasion of Gaza, this conflict has been going on since the creation of Israel in 1948. Because Israel was founded in the heart of Palestine, which is also the ancestral home of the Palestinian Arabs, this conflict will go on
    until a separate Palestinian homeland is created. Hamas, an unrecognized party in the peace process, has vowed to destroy Israel and refuses to acknowledge that it exists. Its difficult to negotiate
    a permanent peace that way.

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