• I didn't like it.

    I watch shows like Breaking Bad episode after episode. After 3-4 episodes of ehh on this show, I have no inclination to even finish the season. I think they overpaid for the series and it won't get anyone to sign on to Netflix to watch the show. It does add something to watch for current Netflix subscribers, but they weren't leaving anyway. Lillyhammer was more enjoyable and if they could make 10 Lillyhammer type shows for every House of cards cost-wise, it would lead to more subscribers.

  • No, It's Soon to Tell

    Since Netflix isn't releasing any data specifically about the show, it's too soon to know if it's a failure. People do like to binge watch TV, but they also have lives and work and don't always the time to sit right down and devote to it. So it's far too soon to know if House of Cards is a failure or if it will be a success. Give it time!

  • It's Not A Failure

    Anyone claiming House of Cards is a failure is very biased. The show just premiered on Netflix and it is too early to call if it is a success or not. Shows need time to develop and build fan bases. Especially a show that is not shown on cable television.

  • No

    House of Cards on Netflix keeps getting more and more publicity. There are lots of great reviews out there for this show, and tons of people are saying that it has the potential to reinvent the whole tv network system. It seems like House of Cards is the opposite of a failure.

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