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  • At least try

    Never trying is much worse than trying and failing. If a person is scared to try because they might fail, they are living life scared and will not get much out of life. When a person tries something and fails, at least they can gain experience from the situation and get better in the future.

  • If you never try you'll never know.

    Some people can be afraid of failure. Due to this fear, they will not attempt things, they think they might fail at, to avoid having to feel like a failure. The problem with this is, they will always wonder whether or not they would have failed and that can lead to the regret of not trying. Regret can be far worse than failure. At least with failure there is always the accomplishment of trying.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe never trying is far worse than failing. I believe it is okay to walk away from some things because there may be a lack of interest, but when you give something up just because it seems to difficult, that's a major loss. You never know what you're capable of until you try.

  • Never trying worse than failing

    Never trying i siginifigantly worse then failing because if you never try to accomplish something you will definitely fail at the things you do, in order to make a difference and at least show that you care you must try. There is not one person that can succeed at everything they do.

  • Yes, never trying is worse than failing.

    Never attempting to accomplish a goal or fighting for a dream is worse than failing. I think that people who fail will at least know that they tried. Those who never try however will always be burdened by the thought of what could have been had they just tried to make their dreams come true.

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