• Technology allows new music to make deep synths.

    It depends on what you call old music, but I'll consider it the Beethoven period, where deep music was made by using physical instruments. New music can be deep since we have access to synthesizers, allowing infinite possibilities for deep sounds, which is why I believe new music, depending on genre, can be much deeper than before. Search for "deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember" and listen.

  • Way less deep

    Most music today is written about sex, drugs or money (or your occasional pointless song like The Fox.) In the 60s or 70s, it was written about peace or trying to make a difference in the world. People have lost the inspiration to make songs that are deep and truly mean something. Either that, or they're too lazy.

  • No, but most music has never been

    Just think back to every single decade. Everybody thinks music is much more shallow now, but really, it's not. I mean, the 80's had shovel loads of crap. "Let's get Physical"?

    Makes me want to vomit.

    Or the 60's?
    Yeah, Bob Dylan ripping through a rhyming dictionary, or some Jefferson Airplane B.S. Psychedelic nonsense.

    The fifties is pretty much the king of crap. Songs about how great your toaster is.

    Rose tinted glasses are bad for you. This decade has deep, meaningful music too, but just like any other decade it's also got shovel loads of bubblegum pop that is crafted to make the kids dance, not to provoke deep feelings.

  • No meaning to music now

    I've noticed that most singers are just doing it for money they have no meaning to their music anymore. And if there is a meaning the meaning in the songs these days are about drugs, tweaking, pot. On the other hand there are some singers that like what there doing so like its in between for me

  • It seems about the same

    Different issues to address, different expressions to make. One would think there would be more deep meanings to music since there is more genres, but many of these genres still illicit the same issues. All humans to a superficial level can understand problems each suffer from. I feel that past music tended to have deeper meanings however because music back then was a way to express conspiracies, terror, and many things that were into hiding, with the internet and technology today we can understand each other more quickly. Music was a way to send a message to each other back then nowadays it's just about exciting people and make them feeling happy.

  • If by deep, you mean

    Demoralizing, stereotype-promoting, scandal-starting, and not deep or thought provoking in any way, then yes. A hundred times yes. However, by deep you mean something that makes you think. Many modern genres fail to do so on an extreme scale. While, yes, a few songs come out that make you think a little bit, the lyrics don't hold the same value when every other song is about sex, drugs, and violence.

  • Deep! Yeah right!

    Well if you call repeating one word over and over again deep then I guess so. But music used to have meanings. Strange , depressing but comforting meanings. Songs these days are usually about drugs,money,sex and fame! Song's used to be about feelings and thought. They call pop stars these days artists. But I thought artists made something beautiful or at least interesting!

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