Is New York City built in such a way that discourages criminality?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • New York is built kinda like a farm

    On a farm, a man has control over his territory and defend his family because if someone criminal punk tries to steal his stuff, he'll know right away and act accordingly (whether it'd be taking a gun and scaring the tresspassers away).
    One advantage New York has over other cities is that buildings are building next to buildings. Homes are built next to homes. Anywhere a criminal tries to start something, there will be a witness.

    One disadvantage other American cities have is that everything is far apart, allowing criminals to do whatever they want. That's why you hear more of crimes in Orlando, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, hell even the nation's capital, and even Philly than in New York. Well it's not so much that there aren't criminals in New York, but rather the criminals have to take their business outside in some remote forrest.

    New York is kinda like a farm. Citizens have an eye. Much like a farm, citizens can catch a criminal miles away. A farmer can do the same if he sees that criminals are tresspassing. New York has a farmland attitude -- the citizens are next to each other and can band.

    Perhaps Atlanta is like this, but I've never lived there.

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