Is New York City truly the epitome of human endeavor, potential, and excess? Is the Big Apple really the center of the universe?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
  • I think so.

    With so much going on,in terms of culture, entertainment, education, finance, industry,arts, music, sports(should I go on?), I think that the big apple has deserved its nickname 101%.There are some that would disagree, as is always the case. I LOVE NEW YORK! But i still think that America's largest city is a great one.

  • Fallacy: Begging the question.

    There should really be a way to call someone out on a bad question without having to write 50 words explaining why a question is a bad question. How many words to I get for linking to an article about logical fallacies? Http://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/Begging_the_question One. Great. Just one.

    Re-write and try again.

    Posted by: Seek
  • New York is but a pin prick on human culture. Look at the whole bigger picture.

    The romans? The victorians? The ancient Greeks? The Ancient Egyptians? Dynasties of China? There are seven wonders of the ancient world and New York features in none of them. Heck, if you ignore all the great feats humans have done like the long standing mighty pyramids then New York in potential already now eclipsed by modern powerful cities like Shanghai in engineering, wealth, and prestige. New York is absolutely nowhere near the epitome of human endeavour or potential to be. Also the big apple is not the centre of the universe, or even earth. You ever heard of Greenwich time? That having said on a separate reasoning, Mason William Galliher stated the Great Pyramid being the geographical center was "determined by many years of scientific investigation" and that the Great Pyramid was likely to be the "last of the present land surface of the earth" to survive a cataclysmic event. The pyramids will last far longer than New York will, or any other man made structure.

  • Other cities are important too

    Of course New York City is not the center of the universe! In America and other countries, there are other cities that are equally as important as the Big Apple. If we made all the cities in the world just like New York City, with buildings, companies and economy, we won't survive. We cannot live a world just with subways, hot dog carts and large buildings. We need vegetables and meat from farms in rural areas, not so many gadgets and gizmos. Sure, New York City is important. But it can not be the world and sorce of all forms of life itself.

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