• New York CIty economy is strong

    New York City is one of the most traveled place in the US and I think it will continue to grow and will stay strong. I think between wall street and all the different business and income from tourist alone will keep New York City constantly growing and economy growing as well.

  • Yes It Is

    Maybe New York City does have a healthy economy because it is the biggest city in the nation and due to it's mere size, I'm sure it should not have problems with money. It even has Wall Street and the Stock Market there, which I'm sure counts for something. It probably makes a good amount of money from tourism alone.

  • New York City: Built on the backs of the Impoverished

    New York City's economy has never been healthy for the reason that the entire city was built on the backs of the poor, impoverished and homeless people. When 2 percent of all the people in a city have all the wealth something is wrong there. Lower Middle Class people and immigrants built that city while receiving pennies on the dollar that their bosses were receiving. What's worse is that the entire city has thrived because of corruption related to Wall Street swindlers and the Mob! So no NYC's economy is not healthy for anyone! Except the one percent that is!

  • Not At All

    I do not believe New York City's economy is healthy. I believe there is a lot of wealth concentrated there and that makes it impossible for some people to move there and difficult for others to leave. I think financial it is on good footing, but it's not an economy that values human life or that supports equal rights.

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