• OMG, I had a freaking teacher

    Who was just outright arrogant and nasty to me and my friends who were Spanish and black. This guy had a Swedish surname (I won't reveal his name out of fear the rednecks [his buddies] will try to retaliate against me). He once threw a chalk at a black kid. And this guy was never fired. Not only that, but this was in Brooklyn.

  • Maybe it is

    Although I don't have much to say against New York, online it is the Americans who always abuse Indians. Seriously, are those guys jealous or what? Even when I was scrolling through something as trivial as comments on transformers 4 I found them saying only Indians would like THEIR movie. Dudes, stop.

  • What a ridiculous claim.

    New York, as a state and city are not openly racist in a legal or cultural sense. Legally speaking, New York has liberal laws that are fair and equal to all citizens of varying backgrounds and identities and they are also welcoming to the LGBT community. Culturally, it is disputed how racist/not racist New York city and state are. While many people experience horrible racist abuse and attacks in the city, the city houses people from almost every ethnic background and identity. Also what must be taken into account is the shear size of New York and the population density. In such a heavily populated area, it is likely that one would encounter some unpeasantry. But overall, I don't think everyone is racist there or that there is a racist culture at all. It is a minority that cause a bad image of racism and intolerance.

    Adam2isback, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with a racist (although, your story gives no real reasons he's a racist, just a mean teacher). Don't let an experience with one person be your view of thousands.

  • Not openly, but possibly racist.

    Obviously many of the police have been demonstrated through private email to be racist. However to say that the state is "openly" racist is preposterous. That being said it is clear that there is a big problem with race in NY. However there is no state that is openly racist, and hasn't been since the early 1900s. Racism is something people keep in the closet and base their actions on with out anyone knowing. It is rather covert.

  • Obviously it isn't

    I'd have to say "adam2isback" sounds very much like your typical liberal thinking everyone who doesn't agree with him his stupid and makes up ridiculous claims and lies based on his emotion and experience. New York is actually one of the most accepting to all cultures in the word. They are no where near a racist city.

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Dilara says2015-04-05T00:04:30.630
I have muslim white and south Asian family there. My family and their muslim friends are very nice. The Christians here are nice in my experience . It's very diverse with millions of people. Some are racist but many aren't.
Adam2isback says2015-04-05T00:11:22.900
I don't know Dilara. White supremacist teachers don't fired in New York and it seems the law lets them get away with it. It's like we have rednecks running the state. And this is true of the North.
Dilara says2015-04-05T00:14:16.090
Not all racist whites are Rednecks. Rednecks are rural poor uneducated racist white people.
Adam2isback says2015-04-05T00:15:00.253
Sorry I meant trash.
Adam2isback says2015-04-05T00:16:03.667
I hate the term "redneck."

Anyways it's like being a racist douche is OK by New York law. Harassment and all of those things.

This is true of the North as well in general.

The South too.
Adam2isback says2015-04-05T00:16:15.447
I love blue-collar working people.
Dilara says2015-04-05T00:38:33.003
Not where I live