Is New York the only city that's like this?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Only city in America I meant; whose road system (outside of freeways) compose mostly of avenues and streets

    Here's why I ask. I've been to other cities in America -- Philly, Detroit, Myrtle Beach (South Carolina), Orlando, and none of them have this that New York does. In New York City you'll never find this (with the exception of northernmost fringes of the Bronx): US divided highways with traffic lights a mile apart, with major chain stores (like Walmart), pretty much forming commercial blocks. I think cities in foreign countries than New York are no different in this matter. But if so why is that? Is New York City the only American city with this type of road system, aside from major highways. Major highways in New York tend to be mostly freeways and expressway and, of course, parkways.

  • Not here, anyway

    In Tulsa, OK it's different. We have a few expressways running through town, but other than that, it's mostly streets. Traffic lights are everywhere, though.

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Adam2 says2014-06-26T03:34:36.937
Pardon me, not the only city, but the only american city.