• Yes she is

    • You may not know this but she went through a lot as a child. Her parents had to rent out the whole of their house and were living in the basement because they couldn’t afford the rent.
    • Her dad burned down her house due to being an alcoholic. So how can you judge her if you don’t know what she’s been through.
    • Nicki minaj has won many awards but she never says she does it for herself she says she does it for her fans or promotes other female artists.
    • A few weeks ago Miley Cyrus had an interview and she chose to talk about Nicki Minaj and at the MTV awards obviously Nicki reacted. I think it’s wrong but I also think about would I just let her disrespect me.
    • What would you do?
    • If you think of the singer eve she did thing you wouldn’t think the same as Nicki Minaj.
    • She often goes to her old neighbourhood so she would never forget where she started from.
    • When she was there a load of kids were shouting her name and instead of calling security she told them to be good and stay in school.
    • One boy gave her a piece of paper and she writes to stay in school and signed it off with Nicki.
    • Pride comes with her fame because I saw some of Nicki minajs earlier raps but no one took her seriously because she was a girl.

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