• Too racy, bad example, and goes against how women want to be seen as.

    My main beef with this song is the music video on YouTube for example. It's not age restricted and so any age can view it. There's kids younger than the average age of puberty singing this song and watching the music video. I mean what the hell. It's "teaching" younger people that exposing yourself in a sexual way is trendy or "normal" in today's society.

  • Of course it is

    This video is like a in basement party. What kills me the most is that nicki recently stated in an interview that shes just trying to be a role model. A role model to whom? Future prostitutes? A female should feel she has more worth than her physical aspects and her sexual aspects, but certain icons make it impossible for developing minds to feel that way. It sucks knowing that the music industry controls a lot of things such as fashion and attitudes because it is mainly setting horrible examples. Nicki is an great example of how not to act. She may be smart and a lady at home, but that is not what she is showing her viewers.

  • What do you think?

    When I first clicked on the music video, I wouldn't say I was appalled but it certainly wasn't for a mature audience. YouTube could have put an age restriction on the video, but I don't think it would matter anyways. Stuff gets around quick on the internet so every last one of her "fans" would have watched it from somewhere, be it another website or so-called "social" media sites. But to answer the question, YES: The video is racy.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yes, it is too racy.

    Nicki Minaj should put more clothes on. Many children, particularly urban youth, look up to her as a role model. Most of the time, Nicki simulates awkward sex positions, while gesturing in a sexual manner. Also, the lyrics are too vulgar. Her music video was not that original and often very predictable.

  • Racy For Racy's Sake

    While it comes as no surprise to anyone that Nikki Minaj's video for Anaconda emphasizes the 'assets' of her and her dancers, the song and its' lyrics have little to do with the video as presented. The dance moves are pedestrian, the twerking too rampant, and the excessive use of whipped cream have nothing to do with the song itself.

  • It's softcore porn:

    I mean I guess if you wanted to argue that it's a music video and therefore can't be incorporated in the same guild as "porn" so be it but otherwise it's pretty much softcore porn to a song. The intended audience has no merit relating to the nature of the video itself.

  • Nicki Minaj has taken risks since the beginning of her career

    I feel it is obscene to objectify her.I feel it is only being done so because she is a Black woman of Trinidad descent of course but still considered a black individual. When Madonna and many other white woman in the pop industry and even black men in the hip hop industry have woman scantly clad they get praise while Nicki gets slammed for looking stunning. Celebrating a woman's body has never been excepted.It seems so sexist.Her name was Nicholas Minaj there would be no issues for one she'd be a man and not a woman. Ultimately I say if you find it that racy and offensive do not watch it but then is Lady gaga racy when she does a music video or walks in public in fishnet pasties and a thong no because she is white and its considered "fashion". Nicki Minaj is a character not the real Onika Miraj from New York.

  • No, Nicki Minaj is neither the first, nor last, female celebrity to use racy material in her videos.

    No, I do not agree with the opinion that her video is "too racy". There has been a long history of prominent figures that use sexual imagery as a ploy to garner more attention. Nicki Minaj is just taking advantage of the eventual media attention that came about as a result of her video and there isn't much difference between her or anyone that has made a "racy video".

  • That's not for kids!

    I don't like objectifying women anymore than the next feminist, but if you don't like this video because she's damn near nude, than neither you nor your family need to watch it. Yes, I disapprove of the video. However, she is an adult, and this video is not meant for kids or anyone who doesn't like this kind of video or music.

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