• Yes, but not in the traditional sense.

    When Americans say "terrorist" they usually mean a country that means us harm, but "terrorist" can have other meanings. I don't believe that Nigeria means us any will, but Nigeria is one of many countries that treats women especially horribly, and to me that is a form of terrorism just as any other definition.

  • Terrorism is a tactic, a tactic used by all states.

    Terrorism is nothing more than the use of violence to reach political ends. Nigeria is no more a terrorist country than any other. Non-state actors don’t have the benefit of a state sponsored propaganda machine to legitimize what they are doing. War and tyranny is a terrorist tactic used by all states.

  • Help less People die across the globe

    Why call this african nation a terrorist nation, that means everyone. That is a huge number. Only few can claim to getting this far to our list of bad nations with a majoaty of them in it. I think people who are this way, bad should not bvothr good citizens of nigeria. Jmw

  • Yes, nigeria is a terrorist state

    Since terrorism is an act or action embarked upon to cause fear on the receiving end, and it usually take place through violence means and focus on the the civilian or non combatant and it could be to compel the
    government to do or to abstain from implementing a policy. Terrorism could take place within a state or it could be a global one.
    Nigeria Boko Haram Insurgency is a good example of terrorism.

  • We can't categorize an entire country so broadly.

    It's true that Nigeria has a lot of problems, and it's true that many of its citizens are being persecuted. However, calling something a "terrorist country" implies that the entire country means harm to the US or other countries. There are many innocent people in Nigeria who do not wish harm upon others.

  • No, Nigeria is just another country with problems.

    Terrorism is just affecting Nigeria more then other countries. Their lack of government has made it easy for exterior elements to take hold and make Nigeria their home. But comparing Nigeria as a terrorist country is like comparing the US as a pot head country because two states have allowed the use of marijuana. Nigeria is a big country with problems, just like a everyone else.

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