• Nikola Tesla is the greatest scientest ever.

    Nikola Tesla is the greatest scientist ever. He found a way to supply the world with limitless, clean and affordable energy. Tesla had a gift for making his imagination tangible, while other great minds used their imagination to create blue prints for others. He certainly shaped the modern world, though
    Newton, Einstein and Darwin would all be very good contenders for the top spot as well.

  • I hate how he wasn't in my books. Not only was he the greatest scientist but also the greatest engineer ever.

    This guy not only came up with novel ideas but made them a reality. He did it not once but so many times. He could have been the richest bloke in history if he got paid for every kWh transmitted but he decided to go along with a one-sided contract just to see his dream a reality and this reality have changed how we live. Other scientists did contribute to the way we are now but Tesla achieved so many things on an industrial scale and stuff that looked crazy at the time were proven not just in theory but in practice!

  • Tesla is Genius

    Nobody ever had ORIGINAL not copied inventions like Nikola Tesla. He invented AC, that made everything else possible later. He was a visionary, far ahead if his and our time. People from scientific community have to stand up and openly, plainly say: Nikola Tesla is the greatest world scientist of sll time. Period.

  • Nikola Tesla is most probably the greatest scientist of all time

    Most of Tesla's inventions were far ahead of his time and were applicable. Many of his works were copied and attributed to others. He also gave us ac current and helped Edison a lot. We need to be fair and say: yes, Tesla is the greatest scientist world have ever had.

  • Too many to mention

    Agree with above comments. As with some other great minds he thought foremost of how to improve the human life. In Tesla's case his idea of free electricity for all and other practical inventions we use to this day. He was indeed the greatest visionary, scientist and humanist in the field of electrical engineering.

  • Isn't it obvious?

    Yes, obviously there have been many great scientists. But the issue at hand is this - Think about the achievements, accomplishments and discoveries brought about by ONE SINGLE MAN, and the degree to which all of it has affected the modern world, and how different our lives would be without them. Nobody comes even close to Tesla is that regard. If that doesn't make him the greatest scientist, the greatest mind, the greatest inventor, then I don't know what possibly could.

  • The greatest, hands down.

    I'm not going to say much, but his desire to genuinely help humanity is a big part of what makes him the greatest in my eyes. :) Aside from that he basically invented everything we take for granted in this life and we can't even respect him enough as to include him in our history books or lessons. :(

  • Google it now.

    See for yourself. He found a way to supply the world with limitless, clean and affordable energy.
    "My paramount desire today, which guides me in everything I do, is an ambition to harness the forces of nature for the service of mankind." Nikola Tesla, July, 1934. I think it's enough said.

  • More than another mere Invnetor, a Disocoverer of new principles & Humanist

    “There is the genuine artist, who inspires us with higher and nobler sentiments, and makes us abhor strife and carnage. There is the engineer, who bridges gulfs and chasms, and facilitates contact and equalization of the heterogeneous masses of humanity. There is the mechanic, who comes with his beautiful time and energy-saving appliances, who perfects his flying machine, not to drop a bag of dynamite on a city or vessel, but to facilitate transport and travel. There, again, is the chemist, who opens new resources and makes existence more pleasant and secure; and there is the electrician, who sends his messages of peace to all parts of the globe. The time will not be long in coming when those men who are turning their ingenuity to inventing quick-firing guns, torpedoes and other implements of destruction—all the while assuring you that it is for the love and good of humanity—will find no takers for their odious tools, and will realize that, had they used their inventive talent in other directions; they might have reaped a far better reward than the sestertia received. And then, and none too soon the cry will be echoed everywhere. Brethren, stop these high-handed methods of the strong, these remnants of barbarism so inimical to progress! Give that valiant warrior opportunities for displaying a more commendable courage than that he shows when, intoxicated with victory, he rushes to the destruction of his fellow-men. Let him toil day and night with a small chance of achieving and yet be unflinching; let him challenge the dangers of exploring the heights of the air and the depths of the sea; let him brave the dread of the plague, the heat of the tropic desert and the ice of the polar region. Turn your energies to warding off the common enemies and danger, the perils that are all around you, that threaten you in the air you breathe, in the water you drink, in the food you consume. It is not strange, is it not shame, that we, beings in the highest state of development in this our world, beings with such immense powers of thought and action, we, the masters of the globe, should be absolutely at the mercy of our unseen foes, that we should not know whether a swallow of food or drink brings joy and life or pain and destruction to us! In this most modern and sensible warfare, in which the bacteriologist leads, the services electricity will render will prove invaluable. The economical production of high-frequency currents, which is now an accomplished fact, enables us to generate easily and in large quantities ozone for the disinfection of the water and the air, while certain novel radiations recently discovered give hope of finding effective remedies against ills of microbic origin, which have heretofore withstood all efforts of the physician. But let me turn to a more pleasant theme.”

  • Without a doubt the greatest

    "If you mean the man who really invented, in other words, originated and discovered -- not merely improved what had already been invented by others, then without a shade of doubt, Nikola Tesla is the world's greatest inventor, not only at present, but in all history.

    "Tesla has secured more than one hundred patents on inventions, many of which have proved revolutionary. Science accords to him over 75 original discoveries,not mere mechanical improvements. Tesla is an originator in the sense that Faraday was an originator. Like the latter he is a pioneer blazing the trail; aside from this he is a discoverer of the very highest order.

    "Ninety percent of the entire electrical industry pays tribute to his genius. All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla. High tension current transmission without which our long distance trolley cars, our electrified lines, our subways would be impossible, are due to the genius of Tesla. The Tesla Induction Motor, the Tesla Rotary Converter, the Tesla Phase System of Power Transmission, the Tesla Steam and Gas Turbine, the Tesla Coil, and the Oscillation Transformer are perhaps his better known inventions.

    "Why the world at large does not know Tesla, it is answered best by stating that he has committed the unpardonable crime of not having a permanent press agent to shout his greatness from the housetops. Then, too, most of Tesla’s inventions, at least to the public mind, are more or less intangible on account of the fact that they are very technical and, therefore, do not catch the popular imagination, as, for instance, wireless, the X-ray, the airplane, or the telephone.

    "NIKOLA TESLA, in the opinion of authorities, today is conceded to be the greatest inventor of all times. Tesla has more original inventions to his credit than any other man in history. He is considered greater than Archimedes, Faraday, or Edison. His basic, as well as revolutionary, discoveries for sheer audacity have no equal in the annals of the world. His master mind is easily one of the seven wonders of the intellectual world."

    -Hugo Gernsback.

    ("Nikola Tesla and His Inventions — An Announcement." Electrical Experimenter. January, 1919.)

  • Great ideas but not the best

    Tesla had a number of ideas that led to great inventions, However there is a common misconception that Tesla single handedly invented everything from x-rays, To AC, And radar. While he contributed to these inventions he didn't actually invent them. He was a brilliant original thinker, But not the greatest scientist.

  • No, there is no greatest scientist

    Nikola Tesla was a brilliant scientist who did groundbreaking work in electricity.
    However, there are many claimants to the crown of greatest scientist ever.
    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is the key to biology. Isaac Newton and
    Albert Einstein are great names in physics. Copernicus and Galileo were
    great pioneers in astronomy. Aristotle and Kuan Tzu were early investigators
    who built a foundation for the pursuit of knowledge. Science is not a contest;
    it is a rational search for understanding. Yet Tesla’s name will always be

  • Great but not the greatest

    Nikola Tesla was an amazing man and he discovered various amounts of technologies that we use today, most notably the tesla coil. However, it is too difficult to say that he was the greatest scientist ever. What about people like Madam Curie or people who discovered treatments to different illnesses? He was amazing, but not necessarily the best.

  • But was great

    Tesla was truly a brilliant scientist, I don't think anybody today would really argue against that. Still, to call him the best would be a bit of an overstep, mostly because its hard to say what best would mean here and there were so many other great scientists in history.

  • No, Einstein is the greatest scientist ever.

    No, Nikola Tesla is not the greatest scientist ever, because there are other scientists who are greater. Einstein is one of them. Benjamin Franklin had a few inventions too. It is hard to say which one scientist is the best, because all of their contributions are so outstanding. Tesla is an outstanding scientist, but so are many others.

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