Is NJ Governor Chris Christie responsible for the G.W. Bridge scandal?

Asked by: ChrisF
  • He shouldn't have hired morons.

    Yes he is to blame ultimately. The bucks stops with him and he is vicariously responsible for the actions of his staff and office, especially such public actions. It was indicative of the culture of his office for his staff to think that punishing commuters to get back at a town mayor is acceptable public conduct. His staff were clearly not fit for their roles, and he is to blame for hiring them / trusting them.

  • He's the boss.

    The buck stop with him. As chief executive of the state, he is overall responsible for actions of his staff, period. We all want to blame previous and past presidents for things clearly in their area of responsibility and the same goes for the governor of a state. Shame of Christie for the actions of his administration.

  • He Is Responsible!

    When Christie says he wasn't aware that the traffic flow problem on the G.W. Bridge was connected to his administration, I believe him. But he is the governor of NJ and this happened on his watch. That makes him responsible. The real question is: Was he unaware, or is he lying to save his a**? Neither bode well for him, or his political future. If he was truly unaware, that means he didn't have as much control of his administration as he (or his supporters) thought. In other words, it shows poor leadership. If he is lying about his involvement and/or knowledge, that makes him untrustworthy. Who gains the most by eliminating Christie from a Presidential bid? Dems or GOP? Both could be argued. Christie, like Teddy Roosevelt, isn't exactly embraced by his party. Dems see him as the strongest chance for a GOP victory. It's just too early to gauge the fallout, or point a finger.

  • How could he not know about it?

    According to New Jersey governor Chris Christie, he didn't learn that his aides were responsible for the major traffic jams on the George Washington Bridge until earlier this week. But how could he not have known? So far, one of the people proven to be involved is one of Christie's aides, and another is a person he appointed to the Port Authority, which controls the flow of traffic on the bridge.

  • I don't believe so.

    I feel he is telling the 100% honest truth. What he is responsible for is learning what a "Traffic Study" is, because he said he doesn't know what it is. He needs to know the difference between that and what happened in NJ. If he didn't know anything about the situation, I don't see how he is to be held accountable for other peoples actions. All people need to be held accountable and responsible for their own actions. He did the right thing by apologizing and the firing.

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