• Not enough evidence

    Even though theres some evidence of the flood i dont belive theres enough. Also during that time there where 10 million known animal species that we know of today so it would have been impossible to take two animals of the same kind and put the on a ship. That would add up to 20 million animals on one boat.

  • Of course it is.

    The Noahide Flood myth is based on an older Sumerian myth, the story of Unapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In fact, in many cases it is ripped off almost exactly. Which isn't surprising, since much of Genesis and Exodus are based on older Sumerian stories (like Exodus, for example).
    There has never been a global flood. It is biologically impossible for all the animals we see today and the human race specifically to come from so few individuals- not to mention the ridiculous logistical errors in claiming every species on Earth could fit in a boat that magically didn't sink and had enough food for them all, not to mention specialized climates. When you have to resort to "magic" to get a story to work- it's a myth.

  • Yes, the story of Noah's Ark is fictional

    I do not believe the story of Noah's Ark is factual but is instead fictional. In my opinion, the story is a good moral tale that gives us an insight into how God works but has very little evidence to back it up. In addition, the idea of a flood covering the entire world seems hardly possible in this day and age.

  • If it isn’t fiction God then either didn’t think his plan through or he is a psychopath.

    All the cute little kittens, frisky little puppies, adorable little bunny rabbits and gurgling little babies who drowned in the God’s flood would have made tasty snacks for the crocodiles, alligators and sharks who, of course, were spared God’s wrath.

    Why would God punish innocent people and land animals and, in so doing, provide killer whales and other aquatic predators with a bounty of food unless He either didn’t properly consider the consequence of His actions or He is a divine homicidal maniac?

    Back in the real world, there is evidence for several very large floods in the Mediterranean region in ancient times which we now know were associated volcanic eruptions. It is probable that the collective memory of these catastrophic events were passed down through the generations in forms of folk tales and that these legends were the basis of the Noah’s Ark story.

  • If taken literally, yes

    There is absolutely no question here. There has never in the recorded history of the planet except perhaps shortly after it accreted and land masses hadn't formed yet been a global flood. It simply did not and could not have happened. Maybe it was loosely based on some regional flood that that mythologized to absurdity over time, but if taken literally, the story is complete nonsense.

  • Silly and Implausible

    Apart from the fact that all of the water which was released by the "floodgates" seems to have simply disappeared off of the planet which it once covered completely (conveniently leaving no evidence behind other than an ancient book, the author of which is assumed by tradition), the amount of water necessary to cover every mountain on earth would have raised the humidity of the atmosphere to levels that no mammal today would have been capable of withstanding. Furthermore, scriptural accounts of Noah don't make him seem worthy of being the only survivor, especially as judged by a supposedly omniscient being. Then again, Yahweh never seems to know what he's doing in the old testament.
    It's 2013. Why are we still going on about this?

  • A borrowed myth

    Borrowed story of the flood from older cultures used to color the Bible to demonstrate the power of their own mythological thunder God Yahweh, or was he a fertility God? We do find over eight hundred female fertility statues all over Judea, some four hundred right in Jerusalem not far from the Temple mount. They disappear when Jews are freed from Babylon 5th century BC when Yahweh worship becomes institutionalized. The story of Moses & Abraham are also fictions, there is no evidence the Jews were ever in Egypt or slaves there, not one trace of evidence, especially 1400bc.

  • More ravings from

    Bronze Age idiotic goatherds ( no offence to non idiotic goatherds ) this just shows how absolutely barking mad these people are , how can anyone even mention this without being reduced to tears of laughter and you have raving lunatics combing the world looking for evidence of something that never happened ...... I think there all on crack

  • Based on a flood, yes, literally, no

    We have to bear in mind that at the time travel was very limited, 'the world' was the bit they new. As is so today, floods happen, sometimes over a large area, so I expect the story has some basis in a flood.
    Also, 'all the animals two by two' would be all the animals known to them in their small part of the world.
    Having said that, I would strongly argue that story originated with a farmer loading his family and livestock on a boat to 'outwit' a flood and succeeding. Over time the story became greatly embellished to the one that was eventually written down as 'Noah's Ark'

  • Anyone here ever worked on a farm or dairy?

    I'll guarantee you that one day dealing with a couple dozen head of cattle and the mass of waste they produce will convince you that nobody put that many animals in one boat and lived to tell the story. Or, if it were true, I would gladly die in the flood instead of living in that filth for 40 days.

    Ignoring all of the other issues, the silage and waste requirements for that number of large animals would almost certainly exceed the carrying capacity of the entire existing US Navy. I kid you not.

  • I doubt it

    We actually DO have evidence for a global flood. We have HUNDREDS of surviving flood legends, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh. How do atheists know it wasn't based on a true story and distorted over generations? There's also the Grand Canyon. One can either say it was formed by a small river over millions of years, or by Noah's Flood. We also have a lot of fossils of water animals up on mountains. Plus, if fossils form over millions of years, how come so many exist. This is the very OPPOSITE of what we would expect if they formed over millions of years.

  • Nope Noah's Ark is Non-Fiction

    I'm a Muslim and we Muslims believe there is only 1 God: Allah!! Now, you see Allah means God in Arabic so Muslims, Jews, Christian worship the Same God, just different names you see. So I believe Noah's Ark is Non-Fiction, also Bruin just said there was evidence of a flood so what's to say they weren't?

  • Noak's Ark is a retelling of an older account

    Like all bible stories, Noah's ark is a retelling of an older story. The story of Noah is extremely similar to the Sumerian flood of Ziusudra, the Greek flood of Deucalion, and the Hindu flood of Manu. There are some elements that can be found in the oral traditions of native American cultures as well.

    The melting of the glaciers near the end of the last ice age likely started the oral tradition of Noah's flood. The animals Noah saved were likely from the local ecosystem, which would have been the known world. Early communities lived near rivers, seas, and oceans. The flooding of those regions could easily appear to be a global flood, because people did not travel far from their water source.

    Posted by: DanT
  • Noah's Ark is not Fiction

    The a general tradition associated with the story of Noah is that the whole earth was covered in water. However, it's more likely that Noah's flood was connected to a flood that happened within a region, which perhaps the proposed "Black Sea flooding" accounts for. The "flood traditions" found all over which describing a similar the story to Noah's ark likely verify a memorable catastrophic flooding that took place several thousand years ago.

  • It is a fact

    Although it can be arguable based on faiths whether someone named Noah was involved, but around the world, different cultures and faiths recount the Great Flood. In addition to Noah, there are similar tellings of the Flood, such as Gilgamesh, Manu, and several Greek tellings. We DO know that there was a flood that was part of God's Plan, but over generations existing civilizations came up with different stories of the same Flood.

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Quan says2013-07-10T18:43:31.940
I will concede that some kind of widespread flooding, which may have been perceived as global at the time, may have happened. But gathering all of those wild animals onto a big wooden boat to survive the flooding for over a month? Please...
Nuzlocke4 says2015-04-23T06:06:27.197
This is insanity.