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  • No... Now, WTF?

    No, they're not the same. Norse in its oldest and most archaic is referring strictly to Norway and its people. Not to the Danes, not to the Swedes. It's a good thing I told Airmax regarding latest debate:

    Like seriously now, I fulfilled everyone of his demands.

    Anyways, that statement is dumb. They're not the same.

  • No, but they are regional neighbors

    The term "Norse" describes a Nordic cultural heritage. It does not necessarily mean Norwegian, but could also mean Icelandic Scandinavians from the middle and dark ages. It can be used to describe Swedish, Danish and Norwegian Icelandic peoples.

    "Norseman means "person from the North" and applied primarily to Old Norse-speaking tribes who settled in southern and central Scandinavia."

    It could also mean people of Danish heritage.

    "The Gaelic terms Finn-Gall (Norse Viking or Norwegian) and Dubh-Gall (Danish Viking or Danish) and Gall Goidel (foreign Gaelic) were used for the people of Norse descent in Ireland and Scotland, who assimilated into the Gaelic culture."

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