• Unfairy Burdens Black Voters

    Requiring a photo ID to vote unfairly discriminates against minority, elderly and poor voters who can't afford a driver's license or state-issued identification. As many as 300,000 registered voters would be disenfranchised if the law is allowed to stand after legal challenges. Amounting to a poll tax, requiring fees to vote is blatantly unconstitutional since poll taxes were outlawed nationwide in the 1960s due to an amendment to our founding document. The North Carolina voter ID law is simply a power grab by Republicans.

  • Voters should be required to be with ID to vote

    Anyone should have and can get an ID. There is no reason to suspect that this is discrimination. There is a need to ensure free, fair elections and results, however if someone can vote fraudulently, they could turn the election. This is not discrimination, but a way to ensure only citizens are voting.

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