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  • Your question is extremely vague.

    Please tell me how do you differentiate how much of it is in the north and how much is in the south. Does madhya pradesh count and north, south or just center? However-
    in terms of natural beauty both regions possess their trophies. Western ghats are as diverse and beautiful as the Kashmir valleys in their own way. Both are otherwise completely different in topography and theres not much basis on which you can decide.
    Next, the food. Again, a very opinion based concept. Do you like makki ki roti and saag or idli sambhar. Both are equally satisfying.
    Now, the people. People from both regions have their own prejudices. Some people believe that the south is more progressed considering kerela has a 100% literacy rate but it is also a hub of animal cruelty. North india fairs no better. Though it is extremely protective of it's cows due to religious basis they believe that cruelty on humans is more acceptable. Recent news has proved that to be true where numerous cow vigilantes have implied that the value of a cow is more than that of another human being.
    The south people dont like the northerners because of their tendency to bad language and their belief that north indians are not true indians- that they are Aryans from Europe. Theres no love lost from the northerners- they aim racial slurs at the southerners and make fun of their conservative customs.
    Though there is less disparity in south india, there is also a larger concentration of people in north india.
    The northern state governments are corrupt beyond belief but the south governments are subject to mafia domination,
    both regions have their positives and negatives. Both are equally good and equally bad. But both are beautiful for all that they are.
    So, no. North India is not better than south India. They are equally good.

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