Is North Korea a more serious threat to United States national security than Iran?

  • America, North Korea's threats are not coming from a crazy uncle -- they're real Read more:


    We should take them both out and stop wasting time. If China wants to defend North Korea, we should stop all trade with China. If China threatens us, we should go to war with China and take them out too. Should have done that during the Vietnam war.

  • I belive Korea is a greater threat to the U.S.

    Korea is threatening to nuke us with their primitive nukes. But even if their nukes are small they can still cause damage and spread radiation. The question is: can their missiles reach the U.S? The answer is yes. They can probably reach Alaska. A state is a state no matter what the population.

  • North Korea is a greater threat, because there are no neighboring countries to police them.

    I feel that North Korea is a greater threat as a nuclear power than Iran, for basically one reason. When it comes down to it, other Arab nations are likely to take the Iranian threat into their own hands, and deal with the threat in that region on their own without U.S. intervention. Other than South Korea, it is unlikely that any of the neighboring nations in the area of North Korea will do much more than threaten sanctions without significant U.S. support.

    Posted by: OmeroAnnon
  • Yes, I think that North Korea is a more serious threat to the United States national security than Iran, because they already possess nuclear weapons.

    I feel that North Korea is, by far, the bigger danger to the United States. It is my understanding that Iran wants nuclear weapons, where North Korea already has them. In light of the recent war in the Middle East, the number of secrets in Iran is much lower than the secrets of North Korea. The structure of their government, and their beliefs about the success of the whole, makes North Korea unpredictable. The trouble with North Korea is that we truly do not know what their situation is. While it is the general thought that North Korea needs food and oil, there are still many questions about supplies from their allies. Iran, as a whole, is not as powerful as North Korea, and their alliances are more obvious, making it easier to deter them from going nuclear. North Korea has the bombs and other secrets. Who knows what they are capable of?

    Posted by: ChriConn
  • North Korea is more of a threat to the USA than Iran, because they are more advanced, and we know less about their capabilities.

    Though Iran probably hates the USA as much, if not more, than North Korea, they lack the technical capabilities to launch a serious offensive against the U.S. North Korea is more technically advanced than Iran, as far as we are aware, and the USA lacks knowledge of the knowledge and offensive capabilities of North Korea.

    Posted by: babiekanga
  • Given North Korea's recent weapon building activities, I think they remain the largest threat to us and other countries.

    North Korea at times feels like a ticking bomb. I feel like if the United States screws up and angers North Korea, that country could easily, effectively retaliate in a way that would be devastating to our country and citizens. We need to carefully monitor our interactions with North Korea in order to avoid such an attack.

    Posted by: ClammyErwin38
  • North Korea is a much greater threat to the U.S. than Iran is, due to their irrationality.

    Concerns about Iran get more news coverage than does the threat from North Korea, but North Korea presents the greatest danger to our country. Iran is a far more rational player than North Korea is, behaving in ways that we can understand and predict. North Korea is very erratic, at times appearing to seek the world's attention, without caring whether the attention is positive or negative. North Korea also is the much greater threat to project military force outside its borders. As the two Iraq wars and other conflicts in the Middle East have shown, U.S. air power can keep conventional military action by Iran in check. North Korea, on the other hand, can use the city of Seoul as a hostage. It could destroy that city (with conventional weapons) faster than the U.S. could eradicate North Korea's offensive capability. The country also has nuclear weapons and has missiles that could easily reach Tokyo.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Yes, North Korea is a more serious threat, because of the mental state of their leader.

    The aspect of the two countries if very close. However, when it comes to Iran, it is an issue of radical persuasion. When it comes to Korea, it is a matter of pride and superiority. The leaders of Korea have more to prove. They have the need to show that they are just as powerful and resourceful as America, and that is a serious threat.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • North Korea is a serious threat to the United States because they have confirmed nuclear weapons in their possession.

    North Korea is a large threat to the United States moreso than Iran, because they have confirmed nuclear weapons, and they are out to prove they are a force to not reckoned with. The leader of their country doesn't care what we think of him, and he doesn't care who he hurts or kills.

    Posted by: WillowsErv
  • Yes, because North Korea has flown under the radar for so long, and are being underestimated.

    North Korea is a more serious threat than Iran to U.S. national security, because I think they have been underestimated. Middle Eastern countries have been under strict watch for a long time. North Korea, however, is a newer threat, and the U.S. doesn't have as much intelligence at this point, which is even more frightening.

    Posted by: TedieDelight
  • I think not

    Iran has attacked the united states more than north korea they have not bothered us sense the korian war they may be building an army bus so are we we are using the army we built to fight off iran and isis thats who the threat is isis they attacked us the france so i think that iran is more of a threat

  • Iran is the larger threat towards the United States because..

    Despite possessing a nuclear capability, North Korea almost certainly lack any kind of sophisticated delivery system that would be required to hit the United States directly. The main concern would be the U.S military personnel stationed in South Korea, due to the close proximity. North Korea would not nuke the South, though. As crazy as the Dear Leader is, I'm sure he enjoys his position of power, and for that to continue he needs his country, it's population, and structure, to remain operational. Should he even attempt any form of nuclear strike, I'm sure he's aware his country would be wiped off the map almost instantly. China isn't absolutely insane as to sanction such psychotic behavior, either, so they would not have Chinese support, I'm sure.

    Iran on the other hand are a key regional powerhouse, surpassed of course only by Israel, and is capable of posing a more considerable threat from conventional (non-nuclear) military means than the somewhat primitive conventional weaponry of North Korea. It's also allied with Syria - a key client state of Russia. It has a notable regional influence, with the capability to influence the internal workings and politics of all it's neighbours significantly, opposed to NK who carries little influence in it's region, as by and large, it's just a shut in, economically impoverished, ostracized loner state who's only trump card is it's proximity to the South.

    Iran could potentially close the Strait of Hormuz, through which a third of the worlds traded oil passes, which may not be a direct military threat, but could carry significant economic consequences for the every day citizens of developed nations, U.S, most of Europe, Canada and so on.

    Lastly, North Korea is a by and large, secular country, albeit an awful one obviously. Iran is an Islamic Republic, who's Supreme Leader - an Islamic cleric, is the highest form of authority. Iran are more threatening in this regard also, due to the fact fundamentalist Islam and all the extremes that come along with it obviously has a fairly strong influence on the way they behave in terms of their foreign policy, as I'm sure Israel has taken note of.

    To finish, neither are a particularly large threat to the U.S in terms of military threat, but Iran are the larger threat geopolitical by a long way.

  • No one. Not even China backs what North Korea is doing

    It's simple. The only country that still had North Korea's back was China, and until recently, they always stood up for them and protected sanctions against them. In recent months, China has grown tired of their antics and they even push for harder sanctions against the North now.

    As for Iran. Iran has many more friends surrounding its borders as well as just a religious sect in general. War with Korea would end with China and the United States standing together as one. Iran will have a different outcome and potentially start WW3.

  • Iran by far

    Nukes don't even matter because there are missile defences, but Iran can control all the oil and attack neighboring countries that supply the UN with oil. North Korea is led by this fat joke of a dictator who can't tell the difference between terrorists and innocent children, I mean seriously.

  • North Korea is NOT a threat

    North Korea is not a threat as it is just Kim Jong-Un trying to secure the ultimate power. This is because he wants to be like his father and his grandfather before him. North Korea want to threaten nuclear war so Kim Jong-un can prove to his people that he can take on the "Mighty" USA and make them come to the negotiating table as America do not want thermo-nuclear war

  • I believe both are a threat, but Iran more-so.

    As mentioned by someone else in this debate, North Korea is tied through China with economics, food supplies, and electricity and other essentials. If a war were to break out with North Korea as the primary belligerent, seeing as how much of China's GDP is generated from exports to the west, the combined forces of China, the West and possibly other Asian states, would appear as more of a threat to N. Korea, than vice versa. However, if a ground war were to break out (Similar to how the First Gulf War started as an air campaign, but the US and other nations were forced by the Iraqis into a ground war), casualties would obviously be high for N. Korea, but would also be a substantial amount for any opposition to Korea.

    Overall, I still believe that Iran is more of a threat, seeing how it is an Islamic nation, it could have an influence other the other Islamic nations around it, and since it doesn't have the same economic ties as N. Korea does, it would be more free to act as it wishes, without the fear of losing essential food and other necessities from foreign nations.

  • North Korea is not a threat.

    North Korea is so isolated (in all ways) and I believe we have the capability to intercept and destroy any attempt, and if we were to respond with a like attack, it wouldn't be long before the entire threat would be eliminated.
    Iran is in the most unstable part of the world and they present a threat in many ways in addition to obtaining nukes. They are partners in crime with many others that do pose a threat.

  • Attacking from Inside Out

    Iran has a greater capability of coming into the U.S in disguise and attacking, physically or politically, from within. They can cause, and already have caused minor terrorist actions, but who says they won't get ready for greater scale attacks? External attacks can be more effectively protected from then internal attacks.

  • N. Korea is economically tied to China, and China is economically tied to the US.

    I'ran's sphere of influence is their own, and they represent a religious government whose influence many Muslims can sympathize with. North Korea is more on their own, and although erratic in behavior, if they ever did become a serious threat, I believe it could be contained or dealt with by the major powers of the world. Iran on the other hand, while not as "crazy" has a totally different perspective on the world than the west, so its equally as dangerous in that regard. Overall Iran is a more populous, influential and rich nation. A bigger threat for sure.

  • North Korea can threaten the west coast of the United States, if it continues to develop nuclear missiles, but Iran threatens the entire world, through the funding and supplying of terrorists.

    North Korea poses a threat in the traditional Cold War style. We are more worried about them attacking us from a distance with nuclear weapons. The conflict is colder, more impersonal. With Iran, we are facing an enemy of committed ideologues, devoted to the destruction of Israel and her ally, America. Iran has shown willingness in the past to supply terrorists, fund them, and send them on missions to kill U.S. soldiers in Iraq, Libya and other countries. If they gain nuclear weapons, there is nothing to stop them from giving those to terrorists, as well. I believe Iran to be the far greater threat.

    Posted by: SadLamar85

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The U.S. Is not threatened by any of them