• They Have Them

    I believe it is safe to assume that North Korea has nuclear weapons and that makes them a nuclear neighbor. I believe the world populace should seek to remove all of these weapons from every country that has them, up to and including the United States. The use of these weapons can not be justified, we have no business holding them.

  • If only they could

    North Korea have nuclear capability because of their once close ties to the Soviet Union and China, but what they lack is nuclear power. This is a destitute state in massive poverty with an army of emaciated soldiers and scientists using computers that have not been updated since perhaps the early nineties at the latest. Every time you hear about a nuclear test, it could plausibly just as well be a bomb being ignited underground.

  • North Korea is not a nuclear neighbor.

    The world is growing smaller but it's not that small yet. To be a neighbor implies close proximity. If a neighbor is someone whose actions can spoil your property as in, throw trash over the fence into your yard, North Korea is not yet the USA's neighbor. They are Japan's neighbor. So far, their missiles are not reliable enough or long range enough to reach the USA.

  • No, NK is not a nuclear neighbor.

    I do not believe that North Korea is a nuclear neighbor. I think that North Korea should not be considered a neighbor in the sense of the word since they are not a friend of the world communities. I also do not think they should have the ability to have nuclear power.

  • North Korea is a nuclear enemy

    It is my opinion that North Korea is more of a nuclear enemy than a nuclear neighbor to the United States. I feel that North Korea will not responsibly use their newly acquired nuclear capabilities for actions that would be peaceful or non-threatening to countries across the globe. North Korea should not be considered a "neighbor."

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