• Yes, because they still have propaganda, and a fanatic military.

    North Korea may have stopped testing nuclear bombs, but they still pose a threat - and have always posed a threat to the free world. U.S and NATO forces should bond together, and launch a three-pronged attack on North Korea - from the eastern and western coasts, as well as up the DMZ, and by way of combined air, sea, and land tactics. If our countries' brave soldiers work together and destroy the last Communist enclave, then the world would be less unstable.

  • They have nukes

    North Korea is a threat because they are unstable with a leader who claims he never pees, invented the hamburger, and of course drove a car at 3. They already have launched missiles that were close to Japan after saying their "Going to sink Japan." There certainly a threat to the whole world. That's why North Korea is a threat.

  • Yes They Are

    Due to nuclear threats and 200 of their nuclear missiles, and with China's support, the People's Republic of Korea will have their missiles reach Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, or California. They are much stronger than The South Republic Korea and much more dangerous as China, Iran, Syria, and ISIS combined.

  • They are very close to launching nuclear weapons

    North Korea have now threatened at least 3 times to launch their weapons on america and are becoming an increasing threat . They keep imprisoning innocent people and holding them for ransom. This situation could end up like another Hitler and the holocaust situation if we are not careful. We should take action against them before the situation deteriorated

  • North Korea is very dangerous.

    Yes, North Korea is very dangerous. They have announced several times that they have lots of nukes and are constantly testing them. Those nukes also have the current range to reach Hawaii, and as soon as those nukes have the range to hit Washington D.C., North Korea will declare war on the U.S. and South Korea. Add to this that China (North Korea's ally) is rapidly growing in economic and military power, and you have the potential for World War Three right in front of you.

  • Yes .Harbors terrorists

    President Bush was right. North Korea harbors terrorists, and any country that harbors terrorists is a threat to not only the country, but the world. In 2012, North Korea had nuclear weapons, and I'm sure was ready to use them. They should be watched, and Obama should pay more attention.

  • Yes, any country with a military is threat

    I believe that any country that can put together a military with capable weapons is a threat to us. It would not be a good idea to underestimate a country and have them sneak in to harm you. Taking other countries more serious is the safe thing to do. You never know.

  • Yes & No.

    I believe that North Korea represents an obvious threat.
    Also I do not think they will proceed with any nuclear attack on US soil. I think that it is a power trip. Kim Jong-un has just received a great load of power, when his father passed. As the new leader of North Korea, he has a responsibility to his people to show the world that North Korea is a force to be reckoned with. China's retaliation to this issue is simple. They will not support any attack on US soil by North Korea. Plain and simple, the only reason that China is still allied with North Korea is dues to Communism. China also, has too much to lose; diplomatically and economically.

  • They cant bite.

    They cant even afford to feed their own people and they have only 10 nuclear war heads while we, the USA, have over 7,100. If they do nuke us, they will be wiped off the map because our allies will see them as a threat too and wipe them out.

  • No, North Korea is not a threat.

    North Korea is not a powerful country. They have made failed attempts with their nuclear missals pointed at us. Te question is; Is North Korea a threat, but it did not specify if the threat was for the U.S. or South Korea. If war is declared, of course Americans will fight, but still, no threat. Our warfare is much stronger.

  • No, not to the USA.

    I think that it is safe to say that North Korea really is not much of a threat to the United States. With that being said, they are a severe threat to South Korea. North Korea has the largest amount of artillery in the world, which could be very bad for our allies.

  • Lets Be Honest...

    Currently (2014), North Korea's ICBMs are as powerful, and have the range that we achieved in the 50s! Our military technology is simply more advanced and much more reliable than that available to North Korea. However, North Korea is a huge threat to our allies in South Korea. I believe that with our superior air power, we could quickly neutralize artillery threats, but by then, substantial damage may have already occurred. Any country with a military is a threat, but with so many big players against North Korea, I do not see them as a global threat.

  • Not a global threat

    Like all you guys pointed out, Military technology nowadays is simply more advanced and much more reliable than North Korea's. I believe that with our superior air power, we could quickly neutralize artillery threats. They don't have the tech. To carry out a successful attack on th U.S, nor on any of the other superpowers which now oppose it.

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