• Because they torture their own people

    Why North Korea is a threat to u.S.A is because they have already done it 3 times so they could do it again and who knows that this time they will completely bomb u.S.A and more people could get killed just the way they get killed in North Korea again

  • Kim Jong Un is the most dangerous cult of personality figure in history

    Our enemy is KJU, not NK people. The world wants to know the North Korean people, we want to help Yeonmi Park, and those like her. KJU has managed to pit 25 million poor, abused people against the world, where all but him are victims. Jim Jones X million. Tragic.

  • North Korea is a huge threat around the world especially the United States.

    North Korea is a threat to everyone because if theta don't lie something they'll just launch a nuclear war head at you. "North Korea has declared that its recent nuclear test has given it the capability to "wipe out the whole territory of the US all at once"." North Korea says they'er not a threat to the united states nut to be honest they really are the biggest threat to the world be cause of what happened in the Civil War and in the 1950's. The war is still going on right now. Te war just got slowed down for some years.


    8th grader, Sac City, IA East Sac Middle School (ESMS)

  • Will china back N.Korea up in a case where they attacked !!!

    The big question here is what will china do when the USA retaliates for any nuclear strike be it mainland of the states or on our allies!!! People are forgetting that North Korea is backed up by super power China which at this time is trying to keeping American ships out of the South China SEA and is very irritated about the court ruling against their claims there.Question is how far will north Korea go knowing China would maybe come directly to their rescue in time of attack.This small country could touch off a series of nuclear strikes cause chances are china wont set by idly and watch their allie and neibor get blown away !

  • Yes they have the weapons

    In recent tests,its been shown that NorthKorea can blow up the whole of US territory with their nuclear bombs.US have been dismissing their threats like they nothing.But thats not true because all North Korean leaders are rational and they know what to do;see what theyve done to SK,USA dont have the sort of army to stop Nk from blowing up them.NK have 1million men in their army.Its stupid to think US can beat them.They can dismiss them,but they cant stop them,they have to live with them

  • Yes,North Korea is threat of the US

    Because of the nuclear threat. There's so many articles that says US is want to attack North Korean but they're afraid of their weapons. North Korea has large army from all genders. North Korean people all of them can fight if there's any war. I think North Korea is awesome

  • North Korea is evil, maniacal, and a threat to world peace

    North Korea is widely known as the worlds evilest country. They are in possession of nuclear weapons, and are constantly improving their nuclear delivery systems, making a nuclear ICBM attack in South Korea, Japan, Guam, or the US evermore likely. These Communist, psychopathic leaders have raised since birth thinking that North Korea will destroy the "evil imperialistic United States in a final standoff". North Korea struck with its 53,000 man conventional army in 1950, sparking a 3 year war that cost over 3 million lives by its inconclusive ending. NK now has a battle ready standing army of 1.5 million strong, with another 8 million reservists. They have nuclear arms and are preparing missiles capable of delivering them to the US. North Korea is a threat to our national security. This menacing evil cannot be ignored forever.

  • North Korea is a nuclear threat to US.

    The North Koreans have no reason to have possession of nuclear warheads. It is only a matter of time until they do something with their growing number of nuclear arms, and when the North Koreans decide that they will fire them, it will not be a pretty sight. For the US, or for any other country.

  • Capabilities of an unchecked/antagonistic country.

    Until the North Korean is subdued and a more global-friendly (NOT ONLY American-friendly) government is put in its place, it will continue to be a threat to America, since the government has adamantly shown its desire to destroy America. As long as there is a will, there is a way; there is no doubt that with China's blocking of direct American intervention, North Korea will ultimately find a way to attack America, if given the time. Every country is capable of dealing damage to any other country, just like how any human is able to deal damage to any other human being.

  • Nuclear Threat

    No matter what, any country that has nuclear capabilities and is not friendly to the US is a threat. North Korea is a communist country that works towards harming the US. North Korea wants a war that the US does not want. They are a threat to the US and the world.


    Kim Jung Un has lack of experience, and he won't have the guts to attack us. We have the STRONGEST naval army, we have stronger nuclear weapons, AND north Korea tries to threaten us, just to scare us away, but they know if they got into war with us, who would win on the outcome. We can have a party and invite their allies (Russia & China) and make a peace treaty.

  • North Korea is not the threat

    Yes everybody is afraid of the North Koreans but what can they possibly gain/do from going to war with us? They do not like our democracy yes but they know that they cannot stop democracy in the world. All they can do is see the hate against us. North Korea is not the threat.

  • Why should they be?

    What would North Korea have to gain from a war with the USA? The only reason for action is the constant meddling of the US in matter that ought not concern them. North Korea spends so much money on its military simply because it feels the constant looming danger of the US attacking it, their military serves as a defence against forced democracy, not as a weapon to attack the US.

  • Third World vs First World

    Due to it's dilapidated economy, North Korea by itself presents no threat. It can barely afford to feed it's citizens let alone launch an attach on the United States. China, on the other hand, presents a threat to the United States due to it's economic and military power. China could conceivably use North Korea as a proxy to launch an attach on the United States.

  • Nope way, never.

    Obviously Kim Jong Un is not that stupid into believing he will cause mass hysteria. His goal is to seem like a threat though he cannot feed his own people. North Korea will never fire a nuclear weapon, but if they do, I can assure you it will be a near suicide pact.

  • No it is not.

    We should not be afraid of this country. It is great and prosperous. The North Korea country can support the world through its knowledgeable and brilliant leaders. This in turn means that if we were to improve relations with this great country we would only prosper. Let the true Nation of the North prosper!

  • No threat to the US

    Kim has seen what happened to Libya and Iraq. He knows that with sufficiently effective weapons he will be safe. Though he uses foul language toward Trump, it is South Korea that should feel threatened, but Kim knows that he has everything to lose by striking first. Best strategy: stay calm.

  • Put Yourself in their shoes for 5 minutes

    A country you have been previously at war with with has a military presence on your border and a huge arsenal at their disposal locally at Guam. They do not like your political regime and have publicly denounced it as it does not agree with their democratic philosophy. They regularly hold military drills with the country to your southern border which used to be part of your country before the previous war. Why would you feel threatened in any way??? What ever happened to Gene Roddenberry's non interference policy which was the best fictional advice the US could learn from. If left to their own devices the country just might perhaps develop away from its hard line regime approach and soften into becoming an active member of the world wide economy. If history has shown us any examples of this just look at the China today to the China back in the 1960's and 70's. Encourage from a distance instead of holding a threatening posture from close quarters. There is not happy ending to a military conflict with over 25 million people in South Korea potentially at risk even if the fight was fought and won i think this will be the minimum of potential casualties on the doorstep of North Korea not including the innocent lives of North Korea.

  • They'll continue to be the big bully

    As long as fat boy knows he has China backing them he'll continue to be the school yard bully I just hope and pray NK doesn't have the capacity to send any nukes or warheads down on our heads it scares me to think they have the means to do so but as long as China sits by and doesn't control this cheese puff they'll continue to be a threat to us

  • North kora is a joke

    At this point idk why the U.S hasn't invaded kora and took out its leadership and established its own. We seem to have done a well job with the middle east I don't see why we don't do it with n.Korea. N.Korea has more enemies than friends so I don't see many getting involved in stopping us from invading with our army and navy.

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