• Yes

    Hearing from the news and their actions as of late it seems pretty clear that North Korea is close to a nuclear missile. How successful this nuclear missile can be in their side is a different story but it seems as though their intent is to aim at something or someone with their missiles.

  • North Korea Is On The Verge Of Revealing Nuclear Arsenal

    It seems that all evidence points to yes. In December North Korea launched a rocket, leading the UN to increase sanctions against the country. Since then North Korea has threatened to move forward with plans for a nuclear test, a move that experts say is feasible. In the past few years the country has conducted two other nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009, and in 2010 unveiled a laboratory used to experiment on uranium, which analysts speculate is being used to further the country's nuclear program.

  • All Korea is, a bluff.

    The North Korean government has been on our bad side longer than I have been alive. They threaten us with Nuclear war and try to push us around. I don't care if they think that they can topple America being the small and worthless country that they are. I mean come on? Killing people for not having your haircut? AND THEY DON'T RESIST? It is extremely amazing that those people are so ignorant. Besides, if they do, congratulations, you have one nuclear missile. Say hello to the thousands that WE have!

  • They are like drunken lemurs

    North Korea is about as close to building a nuclear missile as a drunken lemur is from building a handgun. Both would be dangerous with their weapon, but they would be just as likely to hurt themselves with the weapon as they would other countries if the finally figured out how to make one.

  • No, They Are Not

    North Korea is a lot of things. A dictatorship, a totalitarian regime, a provocateur, and so one. A nuclear superpower they are not. They have yet to gain any kind of tangible success with their missile program, and there is no reason to believe that they have created enough material to craft a nuclear device.

  • Probably Not

    North Korea is a weak country that is famous for throwing temper tantrums and threatening world powers with its nuclear program. It is actually doubtful that they have very much in the way of nuclear weaponry. They do have some nuclear capabilities, but a RELIABLE long range missile is probably not among them yet.

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