• CBS News reported...

    CBS reported that the President in North Korea cannot promise us safety and they are mad that we "make fun of them" etc. In all honesty this guy really does seem like a psychopath and I think that plays a huge factor in his determination to do it. I just wish we never got involved. This was between South Korea and North Korea. Yes, we told South Korea we would "have their back" if they needed it. I understand that, HOWEVER it's now become the equivalent of the friend (the U.S) beating up the bully (North Korea) and talking trash so he won't beat up his friend (South Korea) and the bully turns his aim on us. Meanwhile the bully hasn't even thrown the first punch to our friend yet! We should not have started with North Korea until that happened, it wasn't our business and now were in the middle of a fight that we didn't start. Of course I think we will win, (come on we are the U.S for cryin' out loud) but money could have been better spent elsewhere (or saved for that matter) then for this.

  • Yes, CNB News Tonight.

    The thirty year old named Pak-Pong Ju, has just stated at 11:18 western time that North Korea can not provide a true statement promising the United States safety by April 10th, 2013. He stated this while he officially approved that two of his ships have just been staged outside of the United States borders waiting for battle. If they attack the US I will be the first people to go, living right outside of Oregon I am on edge. Everybody saying they won't invade us needs to rethink the facts. We are dealing with a psychopathic 30 year old man who likes to play with bombs? So think about it because whether you like it or not we will be in a war with North Korea.

  • Their missiles would be shot down by the U.S Air Force, and Navy.

    Missile defence systems on ships, as well as on airfields and anti-nuke missiles would kick into action as ordered by POTUS Trump - or any future president. Then, the North Korean nukes would explode in mid-air, and as a result Kim Jong-un would have to blame his own subordinate officers! Go figure.

  • They literally can't

    One, as crazy as he is Kim Jon Un knows that something like that would turn the entire world on him and that he'd lose power. Two, even by there own estimates the only state their missiles could reach is Alaska which would provide no benefit to them. That's by their own estimates, most people outside of North Korea doubt these claims, and recent failures in ballistic technology by North Korea prove it. Even if they could reach that far they'd be very inaccurate. Finally, even though American anti ballistic technologies are somewhat unreliable, it's unlikely that a missile would make it past American air defenses.

  • No, it is doubtful.

    Despite threats and moving missiles closer towards us, I very much doubt anything further will be done. The United States is a very large and powerful country and I believe an attack on them would cause more conflict around them and other countries than they will want. Not to mention the US would probably move and find a way to stop them before they try any serious attack.

  • No North Korea Is Not Going to Bomb The United States

    Goes without saying that this would be the single most ignorant act one nation has perpetrated on another since Pearl Harbor, if in fact the North Korean government is even seriously contemplating such a fateful decision. My take on the whole media frenzy around this topic is centered around North Korea’s decades long appetite for attention. Nothing more. They are like a little kid who everyone ignores because of their insignificance, so they act out, make threats, and try to get everyone to look at them. Or at least we certainly hope so right?

  • No, they will not.

    Despite the threats and moving the missiles closer to the United States and aiming at the country, North Korea will not risk bombing the United States as that would spark an international incident so great as to affect even their allies. While China's stance towards North Korea has been one of underlying support, they nevertheless would prevent North Korea from launching an attack due to the destructive fallout economically it would pose against Asia as a whole.

  • Not a chance

    Even if they have the capability (which is still quite doubtful), as idiotic as their behavior is it won't come to that. Mutually assured destruction is all that needs to be looked at here. Deep down they realize that a legitimate attack on the U.S. Will result in North Korea being wiped off the face of the earth within hours.

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