Is North Korea our greatest threat to national security?

  • Crazy nation set on world destruction

    I propose a question: if North Korea isn't our greatest thread to national security, what IS? They are a delusional dictatorship with nuclear weapons. Most of its citizens have very little to lose, and NK's army is a million strong. While I don't think NK can take over the world, they sure as hell can provoke a nuclear war. Very dangerous indeed.

  • North Korea has nuclear capabilities

    I would say they are the biggest threat we should be worried about. We always seemed to get worked up over Muslims and Iran possibly getting nuclear power converted to a weapon but North Korea already has it and just needs to complete their systems to be able to go the next step.

  • North Korea is stupid

    Don't worry this guys a fat teenager that's want some nothing more than attention. There idiots over there's the only thing they ever hit is themselves and the country is split in half. We are the strongest point blank period. America! DONALD TRUMP! Donald got us he's a good guy. ;)

  • No, we have much bigger problems at the moment

    In the past, North Korea tends to go through cycles. They stomp their feet, show off the small amount of technology they manage to achieve and announce to the world their plans, much like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum in order to get attention. At some point, China will calm North Korea down, and they will shut up for a time, before it starts again. Now, I do believe we should maintain a watchful eye on North Korea, as becoming careless could be disastrous for our nation. However, our problems now include Egypt, Libya, and more importantly, Iran.

  • I don't think North Korea greatest threat to national security.

    According to what I have see on television and I have been study I think that North Korean is small part only they can't make affective to national security, because as I in UN there are lots of soldier and army to protect the world such as USA, China, French, Russia, English, and so on. One more think if North Korea illegal to rule of the would peace. I believe that all country above will make a punish to North Korea.I think North Korea can't not threat national security. Contrary I think they want to express them-self to the world only.

  • No. Although North Korea poses a major threat to national security, I do not believe it is the "greatest" threat.

    I believe the greatest threat to national security is the current government. The America of today is not the America that was founded in 1776. Recently, with all of the internet censorship bills being introduced in Congress, the modern state of America is starting to look more like our enemy, North Korea. The fact that North Korea is in possession of nuclear weapons, has been testing them, and has threatened America with their use is a major threat to America; however, when all is said and done, America will still face the issue of maintaining the land of freedom that it claims to be.

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