Is North Korea's missile launch a danger to the U.S.?

  • North Korea should not be dismissed.

    The United States should not undermine North Korea or mistake it for any reason; every threat or perceived threat should be taken seriously. If North Korea were to carry out a real attack, the United States could find itself in a dangerous situation. We know North Korea is testing these missiles. Whether it hits the United States or not, it should not take North Korea off its radar.

  • Yes, I believe North Korea's missile launch is a danger to the U.S.

    I believe that North Korea's missile launch is a danger to the U.S. because while we are not currently technically at war with them, we have never been completely friendly with them, either, and their government has shown animosity towards us in the past. Knowing this, these missiles are controlled by the North Korean government, and can very easily pose a threat to all of us.

  • They're not a threat directly.

    Need a remind you they are an entire ocean away?
    But they are a threat to allies, like South Korea and Japan. They have nuclear weapons and the ruthlessness to use them. No, they should not be dismissed. Definitely not.
    But to say they are an immediate threat to us, an ocean away, would be a lie.

  • They will not attack

    North Korea is only doing this as a show of "power". And even if they did China, and all other surrounding areas that provide income and other means of support will not be happy and not help during the possible war. North Korea just will not attack they are just tooting there horn.

  • No, it was a show of "force" as a way to try and intimidate.

    Any time a public missile launch happens, it's simply a show of force from that particular country. The U.S. does this all the time (as do most other countries). It's more of a way of saying "Hey! We have war technology!" However, the fact that they are launching missiles is not inherently dangerous. In fact, they may not even have enough weaponry to cause any damage to us.

  • No, North Korea's missile launch is not a threat to the US.

    I don't think the missile launch is a threat to the US because North Korea does not and will not have the guts to Launch a missile anywhere close to the US. They do not want to feel the wrath that the United States will show if they decide to launch.

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