Is northern England more Protestant than southern England?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Anglicanism is inherently Catholic

    The north isn't as Anglican as the south. You're more likely to find a Lutheran culture in many of the cities such as Yorkshire and Leeds and in the north counties. Anglicanism is Catholic. Unlike the real Reformation, Henry VIII didn't change the church to change ideals. It was because the church would not let him have a divorce. So in ideology, with a few minor changes, and without the pope, the Church of England is a Catholic type of Church. The north however is more like Scandinavia (whether for good or bad).

  • I would think so.

    From what I know the majority of religion in the North of England is supposedly protestant. Much more protestant than the south etc of England which is supposedly more Catholic. There is still a good percentage of Catholicism in the North with many Catholic Cathedrals residing in the north. For example, Leeds cathedral.

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