• Too many proprietary rights remain with Norton.

    My main argument here deals with the fact that once I purchase the product and own it, I still don't really own it enough to fully control how I use it. If I were able to use this product on as many of my computers as I wish, I wouldn't have an issue, but Norton charges for each computer on which the product will be used. Norton is basically charging multiple times to perform a single service. This business model is ridiculous, particularly when I can install AVG Anti-virus on all my computers for free.

  • Norton Antivirus is unnecassarily priced.

    To suggest that the program is overpriced is an understatement. Norton Antivirus does supply added protection that free programs do not. However, the cost and trouble paid for this additional security is not worth the loss in speed. Antivirus programs are much like the TSA. Having some security around is perfectly acceptable. Once you have to remove your shoes for the security screening just to fly from Baltimore to Pittsburgh, it has gotten out of control, and there's too much hassle associated with it. Stick with a free program and get almost the same protection.

  • Yes, antivirus software in general is overpriced.

    Norton Antivirus is overpriced, but then again, so is most antivirus software that isn't available for free for users. One of the reasons I feel that it's overpriced is because what you buy is only valid or good for a certain amount of time, after which it must be replaced. So while the initial investment may not be that much, over time it will really add up.

  • It's a valuable service.

    No, Norton Antivirus is not overpriced, because there was a time that viruses were an incredible problem on the Internet. Norton Antivirus is a very complicated software that took developers a great deal of time to create and implement. For that, they have the right to recoup their expenses and make a profit by charging large amounts for their product.

  • It is good

    No, Norton antivirus software is not overpriced. It is more expensive than others because it offers the best protection from viruses that you can buy. If you buy cheaper ones, you are not getting the quality that you would get with a Norton package, that will always keep your PC safe.

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