Is Norway the best country on the Scandinavian peninsula, aside from Finland?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Norway is really chill

    Norway is pretty cool. It's interesting to learn about pre-Kalmar Union Norwegian history, when there were lots of Vikings and warring Kings across the country. Norway has also remained relatively peaceful since World War 2 as far as I know, and it's stayed away from the disaster-waiting-to-happen that is the European Union, which is a good thing. It's also a nice place to visit.

  • Free of the brutal history of Denmark and Sweden

    Unlike those two countries, which brutally conquered other countries, made Germans work in mines after WWII as a "punishment," Norway doesn't have that history. They're the best of the Scandinavian countries, aside from Finland. A nice coast, beautiful towns, etc, etc. Norway is my favorite of the countries there for those reasons.

  • Sweden: Federal Services

    Even though the tax rate of Sweden may be high, they offer premium health care and a very good education system. Sweden also has a great cuisine, beautiful coast, nice towns, etc. Even through it's brutal history, Sweden has rebuilt a well structured economy and a great citizen oriented system.

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