Is not caring enough about your lover betrayal or is it just negligence (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • Negligence but could be just as bad.

    Betrayal is like cheating on your mate but who said that ignoring them isn't just as bad? Sure on the surface cheating sounds a lot better then ignoring them but in most cases as so as one person cheats the relationship is over or fixed. When you ignore someone its a slow burn. The relationship will fall apart and probably wont even appear to need fixing until its to late.

  • Betrayal implies that one is cheating you or pretending to love you

    Reason I ask is because of "Spiderman 2." In the movie, for those who have seen, Peter is having a stressful life. His grades are slipping, he keeps forgetting to go to MJ's thing, etc. But I think that, while it doesn't excuse Peter, his actions do not constitute betrayal. He maybe doing foolish things, but Peter's heart is in the right place.

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