• Not impossible, most likely highly improbable

    Nothing in the world is impossible, but some things are highly improbable. We said there'd never be flight, that the sky was not for humans. But in 1903, the Wright brothers flew. Than, just 76 years later, we humans launched the first space shuttle into outer space. We've taken pictures of galaxies many light years away, we've discovered the smallest particles, we've delved deep into the ocean. We went from sticks and stones to silicon chips and electrical power. If someone says that something cannot be done, prove them wrong.

  • The phrasing of this question is incredibly hard to understand.

    If you are meaning to ask, "Is anything impossible", then the answer is yes. Many things are impossible. For example, It is impossible for you to jump up in the sky and land in China (assuming that you live anywhere besides china). It is impossible to staple water to a tree. The idea that nothing could be impossible is absolutely preposterous.

  • The Ambiguous Phrasing is Problematic.

    Do you mean to ask if it is counter to the laws of the universe for there to be an absence of all things? Clearly the universe is full of matter, energy, etc., so at least in this universe absence of something is impossible. Whether this is true in a hypothetical empty universe depends entirely whether such a universe actually exists.

    Do you mean to ask if there is at least one thing that is an impossible thing, then, I believe that some things are impossible. Some of these are the results of syntactical or logical rules, e.G., "Can an omnipotent being make a rock so heavy he/she/it cannot lift it?" Some of these are the result of limitations imposed by physical laws, e.G., travelling faster than the speed of light (assuming the physicists are correct.)

    Do you mean to ask whether everything is possible? I believe there are some impossible things, beyond those things that result from logical contradictions. For example, It is impossible for a human being unaided by technology to run two hundred miles per hour.

    Overall, I would say the answer is no to the majority of things your question could mean .

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