• Yes Novak is.

    Naval Djokovic has inspired many people like me. He has become a role model for most people but some may argue about that, he had beaten Roger Federer in the U.S OPEN final match which shows he has much more skills that Roger. People may Arthur against that because this is debate is fully on opinion, I believe Navak Djokovic is the best tennis player for men tennis.

  • ‘It’s the best grand slam final I have ever played’

    A jubilant Novak Djokovic said his mental strength was the key to winning Wimbledon for a second time, describing his five-set victory over the seven-times champion Roger Federer as the “best grand slam final I have played in my career”. The Serb, who let slip a two-sets-to-one and 5-2 lead as Federer forced a deciding set, held his nerve in the final set to clinch a 6-7, 6-4, 7-6, 5-7, 6-4 victory, giving him a seventh grand slam title and denying Federer what would have been a record eighth win at the All England Club.

    Djokovic, who become world No 1 when the rankings are updated on Monday, said he had been through the mill, mentally, as Federer hit back in the fourth set, winning five straight games to clinch it and take the match into a deciding set. “That’s why this victory meant so much to me,” Djokovic told the BBC. “First of all, because it was against a great rival on his court and also considering the fact that I had lost three out of [his past] four grand slam finals.”

  • If the numbers show it

    If the numbers say that he is the worlds best tennis player then he is. I don't really care about tennis so I could care less about him. If he has the most wins and championships then he is the world's best tennis player. Who really even cares much aye?

  • Novac is the best

    Novac Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world right now because he beat Roger Federer. Roger Federer has been a star tennis player since forever and he is always on the headlines. Roger has also beaten the spanish tennist Rafael Nadal who is another top notch player. Novac Djokovic can beat both.

  • No. Djokovic hasn't won as many major tournaments as Nadal.

    Nadal is better than Djokovic because he is a consistent winner of major tournaments and has beaten all of the best players in the world in the process of doing so. If Djokovic was able to string together as many consistent tournament wins as Nadal, then he might be considered.

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