• Regulation, Regulation, Regulation

    Yes because I don't think that putting a ban on guns will eliminate crimes or mass shootings. However, we need to begin more formidable dialogue on amending the current fire arm licensing regulations, application and screening processes across States so as to minimize and manage the risks of fire arms being easily accessed by minors, or maliciousness used by irresponsible individuals.

  • Yes

    Major tragedies are occuring because accessibility to guns is all too easy. Although some would argue that criminals will still get their hands on guns through smuggling and other illegal activity, at least some accidental and purposeful shootings could be avoided by restricting gun laws. Anyone with a criminal record should not be allowed to have a firearm in their possession.

  • Yes, now is the best time

    After major tragedies is always the best time to talk about problems. When peoples' emotions are on the surface, then their true feelings come out and their true opinions rise up. This is the best time to discuss difficult issues and get to the real heart of why some people want regulation and others want to limit that regulation.

  • Yes, now is the time to talk about gun regulations.

    If not now, when? When more babies are slaughtered? No citizen needs to own the types of weapons Adam Lanza used to murder those children and the adults trying to protect them. We need stricter gun laws, and now is the perfect time to discuss them. Now, while our nation is still reeling and grieving. Now, while the faces of those babies are still fresh in our minds.

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