Is NRA the biggest corrupted organization in America ?

  • Divide and conquer.

    Give them that can a gun and ammunition and those that can not or won't use a gun and what do you get a division to be exploited. Good for you Sigmond you taught them well.

    How about we give them all a fish, and you feed them for a day. How about we teach them all to fish, and you feed them all for a lifetime.

  • I'd say the Washington swamp is far more corrupted than the NRA, particularly Democrat politicians.

    Be careful you are not being brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    As a journalist and a Christian obsessed with truth, I see Democrats in the Washington swamp demonizing the NRA, and everything they don't like, by spreading false, scary ideas through an EXTREMELY CORRUPTED MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    Are you looking for corruption in one place while ignoring it in other important places?

    I'm not an American and I understand that the NRA is a product of America's gun culture, by folks who want to be responsible gun owners.

    I'm not an American, but I understand that people don't join the NRA to go and shoot up the place criminally and have the NRA back them up in court.

    Question for you: how many mass shooters were card carrying NRA members?

    I just a Google search on the matter and the only thing I saw was an article talking about the Florida shooter belonging to a rifle club that received grants from the NRA. But he himself wasn't a member.

    What I know is that with all the focus on the NRA every time a mass shooting happens, if any shooter was a member, the media would've been all over that. That would directly link the NRA to the mass shooting.

    Another thing I see is that the issue of gun control only comes up when there's a mass shooting being covered by the corrupt mainstream media.

    Chicago is a sanctuary city which is supposed to be safer, yet Chicago had over 800 shootings last year. This astounding number of gun killings doesn't seem to be an issue where gun control matters to the mainstream media or the Democrats.

    I see 2 good reasons for that:
    1) The leftwing media and democrats don't want to draw attention that a santuary city isn't actually safe at all.
    2) These shooting are obviously being done by gang member who obtain their guns illegally. This would show there's deeper, darker side of the issue of America's gun culture and gun violence.

    So how do you pass gun control laws to control the criminals and the gang bangers to stop them from getting their guns from illegal gun runners? How do they pass laws to track 'ghost guns' or 'burner guns' or 'backyard gunsmiths.?'

    On the same weekend as the Vegas shootings, Chicago saw around 80 people shot dead in random gang violence. The media continued to ignore Chicago, but used Vegas to bring up gun control, even-though the shooter passed all gun control requirements.

    The fact that liberal group think in politics and the media refuse to look at the entire problem of America's gun violence shows that they're not prepared to solved the issue in a practical sense, at best.

    But when you factor in the fact that they only point the finger at the NRA when public emotions are stirred by a shocking mass shooting, it becomes more obvious it's a political opportunity for them and the NRA is their best space goat.

  • No, the US government is.

    Why is the NRA even able to practice its corruption? Answer: because the US government itself is corrupt. The government is arguably the largest and most important organization in America and it's full of corruption. It's so corrupt they decided to legalize bribes so they couldn't get in trouble for it! The NRA pays off who to get its agenda pushed?

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