Is nuclear energy a good alternative energy source?

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  • Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc. Supports Nuclear Power as a California Public Utilities Commission Intervenor in A.16-08-006.

    CGNP is an independent pro-environment non-profit educational organization advocating for the continued safe operation of Pacific Gas & Electric's Diablo Canyon Power Plant since 2013. We have been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) . We are also a CPUC Intervenor supporting nuclear power in California in CPUC Proceedings including A.16-08-006, among others. CGNP has obtained eligibility to claim intervenor compensation in Proceeding A.16-08-006. CGNP is also a Party to FERC Docket AD17-11-000 regarding preventing the potential harm of state policies regarding nuclear power and provided comments in the FERC Docket RM-18-1-000, The Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule. Our website is CGNP dot org.

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  • Nuclear Energy A Good Option

    I believe that nuclear energy is an excellent alternative energy source. I believe we should attempt to further advance many of our alternative energy sources. I think nuclear energy poses a few risks, especially if it is not handled properly, however, we need more energy and we need to create more efficient ways to create it.

  • Yes, it is the best we have.

    Yes, nuclear energy is a good alternative energy source, because it is much better for the environment than coal. Coal produces a lot of waste, and that waste goes right back into the environment. There really is not much nuclear waste produced in the production of nuclear energy. It is an environmental way to make energy.

  • Nuclear energy > dirty energy.

    It's a close call to me but I believe nuclear energy to be a better source than dirty energy. My only reluctance comes from the fact that nuclear energy is very dangerous, as can be seen from the tsunami and the broken reactor core in Japan that is still a danger.

  • Just wait For Nuclear Fusion

    As with any major scientific breakthrough, nuclear energy has had it's bad press, it's what sells newspapers. Most forms of energy production produce waste, in the case of coal and gas fired power plants, the waste is very difficult to contain. In nuclear power production facilities the waste is easily captured and contained, which means it never gets released into the environment. In my country, nuclear waste is taken from the reactor and sunk into what is essentially a large swimming pool for years so that it can decay further in a safe and cool environment. It is only brought up out of the water when it's radioactivity drops below a certain level, certainly never transported across the country in trucks.
    Now it gets really exciting, because the interest in nuclear energy doesn't stop with fission. Nuclear fusion is being researched as I type, the great thing about fusion is it produces massive amounts of energy and absolutely no chemical waste, nor polluting gasses, nothing. You might not be convinced, because after all, we still have to find the fuel for the reactor. Traditionally this means digging uranium or other dangerous elements up out of the earth and enriching it (this process, due to the logistics involved, produces a lot of pollution).
    Not with fusion. Fusion is literally powered by sea water, specifically an isotope found in water called deuterium, of which there is plenty. Deuterium is non-reactive, not harmful or poisonous and can be taken from the sea at source, no nasty trucks spewing out carbon.
    Seriously. Fusion.

  • Terrible for the economy

    Nuclear Energy’s True Costs
    Nuclear energy isn’t just bad for the environment; it’s bad for our economy. Nuclear power plants are expensive to build, prompting Wall Street to call new nuclear a “bet the farm” risk. Every nuclear plant under construction in the United States is well behind schedule and at least $1 billion over budget. This is even before taking into account the astounding cleanup and health costs caused by radioactive waste pollution and nuclear meltdowns. Cleaning up Fukushima, if ever possible, will cost at least $100 billion and could be more than double that.

  • Chernobyl--everyone gone? Who stayed? You can name them on one hand. Why no agriculture? Why no milk? Why just waiting to die?

    Nuclear energy is bad. In order to obtain electricity from a nuclear plant, you need to split an atom. One atom hits another and you have no good soil for growing grain, no good soil for animals to graze on, no pollutant free air. Where did all the people go? Why do governments all over the world sing praises to nuclear energy when nuclear energy does nothing but destroy? Even when people worship it?

  • No it is not

    I do not think that nuclear energy is a good alternative energy source. There are so many renewable energy sources that can be used instead of nuclear energy. Those sources need to be used. Nuclear energy is not a good source because it is bad for the earth and it is not renewable.

  • Yes it is.

    Although it is not perfect, nuclear energy is absolutely a good alternative energy source. It is much better for the environment than fossil fuels are. It is also efficient and inexpensive. Meltdowns are rare, but of course they get a lot of attention when they do happen. This leads to fear but there is no reason to fear nuclear energy.

  • The Results of Nuclear energy could be Deadly

    Nuclear energy as an alternative energy source could be harmful to our world. Though it doesn't release carbon dioxide, the radioactive waste could kill and mutate thousands of people. The UN is talking about a nuclear energy sight in Nevada, and trucks carrying waste will go through Saint Louis, Where it could contaminate many people and kill even more. Also, those trucks and trains could be a target for terrorists. And vehicles often crash, which would spill tons of radioactive waste into the world. There are plenty of other resources that we could use to supply our electricity, such as wind and solar power. As you can see, the disadvantages of having Nuclear energy far outnumber the good.

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