• Nuclear energy is still necessary today.

    Despite solar and wind power becoming more efficient and popular they are still in very limited use so other clean forms of energy like nuclear are needed.Some people are critical of nuclear energy because of the percieved danger level involved.Nuclear is actually much cleaner than other forms of energy like oil and coal.

  • Yes, it is efficient.

    Yes, nuclear energy is necessary today, because nuclear energy allows producers to create a lot of energy using little resources. Nuclear plants have a lot more capacity than coal powered plants. They are better for the economy and they do not have as much of an environmental impact as coal powered plants do. Nuclear energy will be relevant long into the future.

  • Not necessary but beneficial

    Nuclear energy is not necessary today but it is very beneficial. It can be helpful to us now and in the future. If we use it right it could be a clean energy source. However if we don't have nuclear energy we would find another source to use in the future.

  • No it isn't

    We are an advanced society. We know we are destroying the environment but we turn a blind eye. As an educated people we need to begin moving to clean, renewable energy forms. It is out there, we have the technology, but the people and corporations getting rich on the oil business won't allow it.

  • Nuclear energy is not necessary today.

    Nuclear energy is not necessary today. We have a more greener approach for creating energy that is a lot more cleaner and friendlier to the environment than using nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is really bad for the environment and very costly to operate. The materials used in creating it is not easily mined either.

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