• Nuclear power is doomed to dwindle.

    I really hope the use of nuclear power is doomed to dwindle. While it is abundant and relatively inexpensive to generate, nuclear power is dangerous. The production of and by-products from the creation of nuclear power are a hazard and a threat to mankind and the environment. Alternative energy sources, like wind and solar power are under-utilized and under-developed because nuclear power is a well-known and well funded source of energy. We would not have even half the strife we currently have with nations like North Korea if it were not for the threats associated with nuclear power. Wind and solar power are free and abundant; they just need to be harnessed. Countries like Australia and the Netherlands have made great strides towards use of wind and solar power and independence from nuclear and fossil fuels. The U.S. and Europe should follow suit. Implementing a plan to use wind and solar power is opposed by the big money interests who profit from the current use of nuclear and fossil fuels. Don't they realize the damage we're doing to our environment and that everything must change? Haven't they made enough money?

  • No, nuclear power is not doomed to dwindle.

    Nuclear power will not dwindle until a safer, more affordable alternative comes along, with price weighing more heavily into the concern than safety. That nuclear power has survived this long, even with its inherent risks, shows that it will not be going away any time soon. Even after multiple catastrophes on a grand scale, we see more nuclear power facilities being built than decommissioned.

    Add to that the fact that more countries will inevitably develop the technology to harness nuclear energy as time progresses, and you have a recipe for the long-term viability of nuclear power on a worldwide scale. Even if nuclear power is phased out as some countries develop the next great source of energy, the spread of technology is not uniform and there will still be countries allowing and encouraging the use of nuclear power for many years to come.

  • No, unfortunately Nuclear Power is not going to dwindle.

    Even with how hard Obama is pushing for clean energy and energy alternatives, mostly correlative to coal and oil, but it also impacts nuclear energy production. The problem, I guess, is that nuclear power is not only so incredibly powerful and useful, that it will continue to be in use and thrive as long as there is a use for it. Yes, it is unsafe, and yes, it is volatile, but that's been the case all along. It hasn't stopped anyone from building nuclear power plants.

  • No it's not

    Politicians, celebrities, and other public figures often weigh in on protecting the environment. The emission of greenhouse gases contributes to global warming and climate change. Coal and oil based energy sources are among the biggest polluters on earth. Nuclear energy neatly solves much of this problem. It is among the cleanest energy sources on earth. Storing nuclear waste is a problem to be sure, but the benefits to the environment and to humanity's energy needs outweigh the risks.

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