• He is a shape shifting Reptilian

    Barack Hussein Obama is a Reptilian Humanoid disguised in human form. The Reptilians are actually Jinn who ruled the world before mankind, after Allah (swt) created man, some of the Jinn crossbred with humans creating a hybrid race knows as the Nephilim, these Nephilim became God Kings or Demi Gods, and became kings, queens, and pharaohs, they later became politicians, bankers, presidents, and prime ministers, these nephilim bloodlines are more easy for the Jinn to possess therefore the Jinn can incarnate as presidents this way, When people see the president's eyes change to snake like eyes, and see him shape shift into a reptilian form, they are actually decoding the Jinn's energy field because everything is energy in the end.

    The Reptilian Barack Obama and his Rothschild Zionist Illuminati com-rads want to expand the Israeli empire, so the Dajjal/Antichrist can come to world as the false Messiah

    The Antichrist will try to take over the world, but Imam Mahdi (as) will fight against him, then Jesus (as) will return from heaven and kill the Dajjal, and after Jesus (as) passes away, The Day of Judgement will begin inshallah

    Become a good Muslim today and you will go to heaven inshallah

    if you don't you will burn forever inshallah


  • Worst president ever

    Obama has officially destroyed this county. The govt is shut down and no one that I know of wants his Obama care insurance. It will cost those who work more money than what we already have. The majority of us that work will receive no subsidies but will still end p paying more for the same coverage. I guess us working middle class folk get to support all the lazy people in America..

  • Obama is a bad president

    Ever since he began running his campaign, it's been clear that he has no inkling of what he is doing. He's ruined the economy, devastated the face of America in foreign affairs, and he lies at every corner he turns. He is no good for America, and America was stupid to vote him into office.

  • He was black and that was a pretty cool milestone. The rest was terrible.

    Obamacare is a terrible joke. He increased race imbalance. He made our country look weak. He folded on Iran. He didn't support the police or the military. He did favors for friends that hurt our country. He supported that wicked bag Killary. He swings a golf club like a weakling.

  • Worst cowardly pres. Ever!

    Too scared to call those tarp heads radical islamists and how many of them did he release from Gitmo? What a chickenshit little bitch. Plus he's already posturing a facility in D.C. To set up a facility to operate his communist ideas and teach others to disrupt the federal government as well. What a dick!!

  • Corporate greed, war after war, did nothing on Climate change

    I liked Obama over 8 years ago thinking "yes, an outsider is going to make changes that every American can be proud of! " But his presidency showed that that wasn't going to happen.
    He showed us corporate greed is number one. That the American people are the enemies with militarized police and NSA spying (thank you Snowden). That America is no longer about freedom but security which comes at a hefty price. As long as there are enemies we will secure America's place in the world and make the 1 percent more rich and powerful.
    So, of course that is why when Bernie Sanders showed up people thought he was an alternative to the statusquo but he was too much a socialist that Corporations couldn't get behind. Then Trump was our last hope but he is too extreme!
    At this point we might as well look to Putin and wonder "is it that bad?"
    Let's look to the millennial to open our eyes and be enlightened as to what is really going on!!

  • His leadership is extremely lacking

    When a leader speaks in a public forum regarding race relations specifically the shooting of police officers in Texas, and just two days or so later a similar action takes place in a near by state, that [to me] indicates the lack of affective leadership. Just one example. I could go on but just think about that one for a bit.

  • What has he done?

    He hasn't done a thing except give welfare bums a cell phone its rediculous how this world has became so worried about being politically correct where I was raise u told people how it was you never sugar coated anything and that's the way it should be we are going down hill fast

  • Extremely Poor Leadership

    This country is more divided than it was prior to President Obama's reign. We are more divided along all of the following lines: racial, economic, religious, political, gender.
    His legacy: middle class is disappearing, the rich are getting richer, Obamacare is costing us way too much money, health care costs are more than they used to be = huge disaster!! Cops are dead = his fault. We are a weaker country because of him. Message to Obama - Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • He is weak.

    When it comes to foreign policies, all he did was back down. He let other countries win making us look weak. We shouldn't be weak. People should fear the world power the United States, but instead we're arguing over which gender can use which bathroom. Which brings me to my next point. Obama passed an executive order about the transgender bathroom law. He didn't go through the 3 branch system he just forced a law on public places saying that if they didn't support the "law" then they would stop recieving financial aid from the government. He's a president not a king and he can't force things like that upon the people. The senate would of vetoed that down in an instant. I don't want some sexually confused man able to go into a bathroom with my 8 year old daughter. He also seems to be protecting Muslims. I have nothing against them other than how their religion calls for my death. I don't know why we let the refugees in knowing that someone of them are terrorists. And I know not all of them are but they are not our problem. They are not American citizens. They belong to other countries. Their home country's government should take care of the problem to keep their people safe. Lastly. Guns don't kill people. People kill people with guns. You think taking away guns will stop criminals from getting guns? NO. They will continue to get them illegally while the law abiding citizens will remain unarmed and soft targets to the impending threat of attacks. The 2nd amendment was written in thought of that the world would evolve and wouldn't stay the same. They wanted the people to be able to rise up and overthrow a tyrant or unfair government if they had to. No conclusion, he's terrible. He's doubled our national debt, he protects dangerous people, he's trying to limit and take away our guns, he's trying to let in people that aren't American citizens and are known to be terrorists. Also his health care policies are trash. So many people can't afford the "you have to have health care" many people have no money to pay for this and are now broke. He didn't bring unemployment down. Many people stopped looking for jobs because they can either get what they want for free or there are no jobs they can get. Unemployment is not down. Its up farther than it has ever been. It's calculated by people who are currently looking for jobs and many just stopped looking. I think he was next to Nixon and carter as the worst presidents out there.

  • He is a very good president because

    He has tried to bring better health care he has managed to bring unemployment down below 8% a few little known facts are that he has given much more support to school lunch projects than any president in us history he started drug tests on welfare recipients started the whole exercise campien and he gave stricter fda policies along with lowering taxes and raising the monthly amount welfare recipients get and I think we can all agree he was better than bush and much better than nixon

  • Most are Not Qualified to Judge

    Nearly all of the people on both sides of this argument are not qualified to answer this question. They barely know what Obama has or has not done compared to past presidents. But, they simply go on impressions.

    It's sad that humans go on impressions rather than any hard facts.

    I beg people to go read what Obama has or has not done and then make a honest comparison to past presidents before making judgment. It's stupid to simply rely on one's impressions.

  • Look at the one's that say yes compared to the ones that say no.

    You can clearly see which are the one's who don't understand checks and balances verses the ones that do. I hope that he invest more in education or at least birth control so we have less ignorant people in the USA. As for him being a bad president, I do not think he is and the reason behind that is because he isn't mitt romney, I would have found a way to flee this country if mitt romney became president.

    George w bush was disliked by a lot of other countries which says a lot about that guy. Obama is actually liked by a lot of other countries which helps us a lot with trading and influencing. As for jobs, I live in IL and I haven't seen people have any issues with looking for jobs, I have had insurance even before the law was set in so it doesn't affect me.

    everything else everyone says about him on the yes side is wrong, he has had a employment increase in only 4 years compared to bushes total 8 years in office. It's kind of funny how if the media doesn't like something they completely go against it and people believe it like the mindless sheep the american's have become. I'm not a sheep because the only new outlet I go to is the BBC.

  • Toughest president since FDR

    This president has kept his cool even though half of congress has blocked him at every turn, not just because they don't believe in his ideals, but also because they don't want to be seen as having something in common with this president. It's not their fault either. In order to get elected one must pander to their own constituency.
    This president has kept his cool when called a liar, a terrorist and a "shape shifting reptilian". This president has kept his cool through the biggest leak of top secret government information in history. This president has kept his cool through the biggest economic crisis since the great depression. And this president has kept his cool while a trillion dollar media empire takes every opportunity to spread half truths in order to smear his character. The only time this president lost his cool was when he decided to release his birth certificate.
    And how have we benefitted from this president? Every person in the United States now has access to quality affordable health care. Al Qaeda has lost most of its power to organize terrorist attacks. The deficit has been reduced from 1.7 trillion in 2009 to slightly under 1 trillion today. The two longest running wars in US history have ended. The number of illegal immigrants deported is 400% higher than is 2008. Sex crimes have dropped by 50%. Nobody will ever have to file bankruptcy again due to a medical condition. 4 million previously uninsured children now have coverage. The Veterans Affairs department now has almost 7 billion dollars in additional funds. Since taking office the unemployment rate has dropped 30%. The department of defense's records and processing system has been streamlined making it an estimated 20% more efficient. Because of this president, credit companies can no longer charge arbitrary rates and all fees must be disclosed to the customer up front. Since taking office small businesses now have access to 2 billion dollars in tax cuts to help pay for health insurance for employees. Health insurance companies must now disclose what percentage of the premiums are actually spent on patient care. Share holders of corporations now have the power to set executive pay. Seniors on medicare now pay 50% less for prescriptions. For the first time in history all foreign nationals that visit the white house must be made public. Oh, yeah I forgot. One more thing. If you believe the president has some kind of control over the economy (I don't), since taking office the economy has more than doubled in size (Dow 7325 vs 15809).

  • An Intelligent Moderate

    His Policies have been moderate and reserved and his tenure to me is one of stability and unremarkable politics. The end of foreign wars and the supporting of low income families and people in the United States can only be seen as both good things. People in the US should be proud of the Affordable Care act which took courage to bring through both houses.
    The alternative is a Republican party which is moving to be more and more conservative even from the Bush era. A party funded by corporations that represents a variety of vested interests in it's policies: Climate denialism, Anti-gun control, low tax on the rich, intolerance to immigration. A party who hates those outside the brackets of 'normality': gays, single parents, low income families, black people.
    So indeed, Obama is a good thing in a highly conservative US political environment.

  • Mediocre maybe, not bad

    So many people have no idea what they are talking about when they discuss presidents and their actions. They think the slightest pitfalls of the economy is his fault and everything else. Little do most people know the president cannot do much for the economy, so when he signs bills into office he is using his best judgment on them; congress is really behind the bad bills. He can't veto everything. I am not saying he's magnificent, I am saying that he is mediocre at best, and if he was really horrible and "bad" life would be worse. Some of the laws he has proposed have helped my family.

  • He isn't the best, but he isn't the worst.

    You're voting for the lesser of the two evils when it comes to the presidential election. They can't make everyone happy, though they try to. Also, given the circumstances of both terms so far, I believe he's done quite fine. To call him or to believe that he is a "shape shifting reptilian" and the "Antichrist" is ludicrous.

  • Obama is a cool president

    Obama has made some reforms in this country, and that he actually does some of the things to help our country. For example, one article states that he ended two wars and saved thousands of US citizens, so this shows that he is a good president. He also mentions about helping our country in a good way, so that it can live out of it's poverty and all that stuff.

  • Jumped on the welfare wagon

    He has done nothing but enjoyed the luxury of free everything for him and family at the cost of taxpayers. I could understand if he had did something positive, anything, but he has done nothing but traveled everywhere, and took along wife, kids, and mother-inlaw. He talked his way to being president, glad to see him end it soon.

  • Acts against climate change

    Obama acts out against climate change. The republican candidates today claim that global warming doesn't even exist. If people that like Trump or Cruz gets the presidency I am definitely moving to Canada.

    There is also clearly an intelligence gap between the No side and the yes side. In the Yes side many people simply write the word 'bad' 50 times, multiple are racist, and one guy just rants about Obama being a lizard.

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