• He could have been.....

    Obama clearly had an opportunity to be a great president. Unfortunately, he has had a congress that has come out and clearly opposed him, going as far as to state their opposition to him (Mitch McConnel). For the last six years, congress has foregone the work of the people and forged ahead with their plans to derail the work of our first president of color. Racism isn't gone in America, they just changed the name. All the white males in congress have no interest in seeing this president achieve anything. They have gone out of their way to shut down everything he has started or proposed. And it's not because of the politics of democrats vs republicans, it's whitey gotta keep the black man down, period. He may have gotten into office, but I'll be damned if he's gonna get anything done while he's there is exactly what they all think and say behind closed doors. It's amazing he got anything done, let alone that he wasn't assassinated.

  • Not even close.

    Lincoln was one of the important steps towards a more egalitarian society with the actions he committed which led up to the end of slavery as an accepted and lawful practice in America. Obama on the other hand has actually been detrimental to society, particularly in the department of healthcare (cough cough, ACA, cough cough).

  • Lincoln Freed the Slaves.

    No, Obama is not a better president than Lincoln, because Lincoln kept the union together, while Obama is tearing is apart. Lincoln wanted us all to stay one country. Obama wants to put race against race and group against group. Obama has kept gas at higher prices than ever before.

  • No He's Not

    I do not believe Obama is a better president than Lincoln. With the time past and the reflection of what Lincoln did, we know he made the right decisions at the right time and ran his administration quite well. He kept the country together when it looked like it was falling apart. Obama has simply overseen an ever widening gap in the United States. Thus far, it seems he makes a lot of the wrong decisions.

  • No, Obama is not a better president than Lincoln.

    In 40 or 50 years, when we look back at Obama's terms, we are not going to praise him as much as we do Lincoln. Obama has had a lot of media attention through his terms, but he has not made the same dramatic steps to improve the welfare of the people as Lincoln did.

  • Lincoln was a better president than Obama

    Comparing the work of Ambraham Lincoln to Barack Obama is laughable. Lincoln was a true visionary who had the interest of the nation as a whole in his policies. Lincoln was very much a man who came from small beginnings and connected with the troubles and opportunities of the "common man". Obama is not longer in touch with the masses.

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abyteofbrain says2014-03-13T19:08:20.833
You are comparing a president commonly considered as a great hero with a president considered one of the worst?
This is the equivalent of laughing stock vs. Knight in shining armor popularity contest.

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