• Look at tea party.Org

    Obama is a communist I quote from tea party.Org "Party chief says thanks to Obama America is more willing to embrace communist ideals

    (Tea Party.Org) – Democrats are in danger of losing the Senate and the Communist Party USA is coming to their rescue, claiming they’ll unite the left and stave off right-wing extremism.

    The announcement came from party Chairman Sam Webb during a web streaming event called “Taking care of the future: from here to socialism.” The event was held as part of the party’s national convention process. The process will culminate later in the year in Chicago where the party was formed in 1919."

    This is the exact webpage

    Just in case you guys want to take a look. Imagine, if the communist party supports him, he must be doing a lot of things that they agree with.

  • Obamacare completely proves it.

    Think about it. The essence of Communism is the government having complete control over everyone's life. So, placing our healthcare in the hands of our government is a completely Communist goal. And guess who's one of it's biggest backer and namesake? Barack Hussein Obama. The reason nothing else that can be called Communist have occurred is because we have other people in the government that aren't buddies with the President.

  • Obama is not a communist

    There is no proof, objective or circumstantial, that points to President Obama being a communist. This is a spurious rumor that was started by his political enemies and has been impossible to put to rest. Communism is a police philosophy of complete state control over all aspects of an economy. Nothing in Obama's presidency fits this definition.

  • No, he's not.

    If he were, he would have ordered all CEOs to pay taxes, rather than bailing them out. If he were, he would have ordered all bosses to allow their workers to decide for themselves what they want to be payed, rather than what they are TOLD to be payed. If he were, ALL businesses would have Unions.

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