• Yes Hell yeah!

    This is the worst president that we've ever had in our history. He's such an idiot. He's done nothing. Nothing. He's brought our debt up. Unemployment is up. Words can't describe what a loser we have for a president. Except the picture I chose for the question, which demostrates how dumb he is.

  • Obama is a failure and he works alongside a very corrupt Congress.

    As a president, in my opinion, he should recognize all of the shady deals that go on in the Capitol and as such, refuse to work with any Congressman until they get it together. Unfortunately, Obama does not stand for the values of the American people, but for the values of the politicians who have him by the balls. Obama is a wimp. All he is doing at this point is wasting another four years while America remains a stagnant cesspool of underpaid, underemployed and unhappy citizens. Counting down the days until January 20th, 2017 when he leaves office.

  • He has destroyed us!

    @AgnosticGirl First off, OBAMA did not kill Osama. A team of navy Seals did. (By the way Obama blew their cover and exposed the soldiers to the media.) Second off, WE ARE IN A WAR OF DEBT! Third, he disrespects OUR CONSTITUTION! He also supports the NSA spying on our internet activity! Also, if you are going to say some stupid crap about how dangerous assault weapons are, listen here, have you ever heard of 'Operation fast and Furious?' Obama allowed the CIA to give automatic rifles to Mexican Drug Cartels. You think this is good? He has also wasted BILLIONS of dollars by leaving military equipment in Iraq. (The terrorists will just use those too!) He is a socialist pig! If you think I am a gun hoarding redneck, then challenge me to a debate! I promise you I will out debate your socialist views. I served in Iraq, I am pissed at the liberal media and all of that! I cannot beleive you support somebody who has screwed us over! He has even weakened our military! Disagree with me? Challenge me to a debate.

  • His ideology doesn't work

    As much as Obama denies it, he is a thorough ideologue. His ideology is pure and simple, ever increasing governmental power and control in all aspects of our lives. Big government is the antithesis of freedom, liberty, prosperity and health in a society. His views have been tried over and over throughout history in various forms of governmental over-control from Despots and tyrants to socialism and communism. The bottom line in all cases is that they don't enhance individual and societal well-being. Also, he seems to be a liar and a manipulator, as well as a President who has no apparent problem in acting as a dictator. So, yes he is and will be remembered as a failure. Folks are catching on because they are looking beyond his skin color and observing his deeper qualities.

  • Not the best president, but definitely not a failure

    There is a lot of criticism one can put on our current president. Most likely there is not as much praise that can be awarded to his administration. However, he is better than several of his predecessors, Nixon, Buchannan, and Hoover. Obama is not a failure. Nixon was a failure, Hoover was a failure, but Obama is just the victim of strong conservative opinion nothing less. The republicans have ensured Obama's hands are tied. Taking that into consideration our president has done a better job than most could in his situation. Therefore he is not a failure regardless your political affiliation.

  • He has helped our economy

    Obama may not be the best of our presidents, but he is certainly not a failure. He has raised our economy from the 2008 disaster, and has provided Obama Care, which may not be perfect, but definitely benefits those that can't afford health care. His successes must be weighted in as well, not just his alleged failures.

  • Obama Not Necessarily a Failure

    Without a doubt, Obama could not be called a bonafide failure. He has made great improvements to this country while also making plenty of missteps. Different circles are going to call him a success and others will refer to him as a failure. Either way, he isn't some great social champion nor is he an utter failure.

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