• Yeah, A definite hypocrite.

    At some point we’ve all made enough money, Right? Wrong! When it comes to the Obamas. $130 million and still counting. Socialism is great, Right? Wrong, When it comes to those two. They’re enjoying the fruits of capitalism like no other. Do as I say, But I’ll do whatever the hell I want. That’s Barack for you.

  • Obama is a hypocrite

    Obama is a hypocrite. This is because of the fact that Obama often says one thing, and does another. Obama lies, but preaches truth. Obama claimed to be anti-war, but then started a war. Obama claimed to be liberal, but often does very conservative things. This and many other reasons make Obama a hypocrite.

  • "Insert Politician name here" is a hypocrite

    It almost wouldn't matter who's name you put in front of that question. My answer will still be that they are probably guilty of being a hypocrite at some point in their political career. It's easy to give people hopeful words, but it's quite another to put it into legislative process and have it succeed.

  • In many ways...yes

    I think that Obama is a hypocrite in many ways. Most people are, let's face it. But as the leader of our country, he is someone that we all (should) look up to as a role model. He has been hypocritical about past presidents, saying that he will change their ways, but in fact not doing anything. He is also hypocritical about having people in prison for marijuana and having it still be illegal, when he has smoked it himself and he knows how ridiculous it being illegal is.

  • Yes, he is a rich communist.

    Yes, Obama is a hypocrite, because he is rich, but he thinks that wealth, except for his, should be redistributed to the poor. Obama thinks that Americans have too much, and yet, Michelle Obama complained about her childhood, where her father made a lot of money working for the City of Chicago. They are out of touch rich people.

  • I think so

    One good example of this is that in 2008 Obama made a speech stating that his administration would track down terrorists without invading the personal privacy of citizens who are not suspected of a crime. After saying this he hypocritically expanded the wiretapping organisation Bush was so loathed for and decided to invade the privacy of people who were not suspected of a crime. To add insult to injury, when this was uncovered he stated that the American people would have to make a choice between safety and privacy ( essentially saying you cant have your cake and eat it too). This is insulting to the American people as even if you believe that these measures are necessary it is undeniable that the American people had a right to know it was being done. You may make some arguments to say that overall Obama tends to not be hypocritical, but examples such as this show that Obama is at least not afraid to say whatever gets him support and then go forth with unconstitutional practices which are technically worthy of his impeachment.

  • Obama is not a hypocrite.

    Obama is not a hypocrite because he has not contradicted himself. He has tried to fulfill all of his campaign promises. The biggest reason he has not been able to keep all of the promises is because Republicans in congress are not cooperating with him. This is not grounds to call him a hypocrite.

  • No, but he's not always a straight shooter either.

    President Obama is not a hypocrite or at least not more of one than any other politician. He is a politican and some lying seems to come with the territory. There is also the fact that he means well and makes promises but does not always have the expertise to carry them out.

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