Is Obama a hypocrite for having armed guards protect his daughters?

  • Why is his family so much more important than ours?

    Sure, I can understand that he wants armed guards around him and his family to protect them. That is completely understandable, most presidents would. However, how can he sit there and want to take away our weapons, the very same weapons that we use to protect our family from harms way, right away from our hands. That's where the hypocrisy comes in. He's telling us that "Assault weapons" (I despise that nickname) are evil, while he's using them to protect his family, and his self.

  • Of course

    The Obamas all need armed guards. Every single one of them. That part is obvious. He shouldn't be criticized for having armed guards, but he is a hypocrite. If firearms are being used to protect the first family, then why can't it be used to protect the families that matter most, the average Joes?

  • Yes, Obama is a Hypocrite

    Yes, having armed guards protect his daughters and himself while he is trying to take away guns from families that use them for protection is hypocritical. Yes, he is the "leader" of our country, but does that make him better than the average American? His family deserves to be protected, but ours do not?

  • To an extent.

    Yes, Obama is a hypocrite, just like most people. It's hardly surprising, and to be honest I don't blame him for what any father would want. However, given his much more lofty position than an ordinary father, and the fact that every one of his decisions is micro analyzed by the general public and armed guards is so against his recent statements, yes, he's being quite hypocritical.

  • Yes.

    While I agree absolutely that the Obama family needs the protection, it is very hypocritical of him to be going on about new gun control laws, laws that have the potential to take away the right to defend ourselves with firearms. The average American citizen doesn't need armed guards, but is owning a handgun for the occasional murderous break-in really too much to ask?

    Posted by: cg42
  • i would have to say yes

    If he is for taking firearm's away, then his need to go to, or should I say his armed guards. I get that his kids are a walking, breathing target. I also know he is the one that put them in that situation. He had to know that was a risk. A risk he was willing to take with his kids before running for president. Do I think his kids should be walking targets NO they shouldn't be. Do I think they should be protected yes. With that said his kids life is of no more value then the next guys. And for the record I have never seen a gun jump out of a gun case or out of a closet and go nuts killing people.

  • Secret service

    He is not a hypocrite for this, his children are in constant danger, they are prime targets for any wacko that doesn't like him, they need that protection just as much as the first lady, and they deserve it, I think it is necessary and important and great, they need to have that protection because we want our president and his family safe.

  • No

    Why does he get to make decisions for the country? Why does he get to live in the White House? Why does he have the Secret Service working for him? Its because he's the President of the United States and there for attracts a lot of attention violent and non violent. His family being at risk puts his decision making for the country at risk.This makes him a far more likely target than the average citizen.

    Posted by: MRad
  • Incorrect

    Well, Romney lost, so, I think it's best to see what Obama's next moves are gonna be THEN judge. And I believe many people are angry with him and may target him and his family, just to be on the safe side. Hypocrite or not, we're all civilized; and on the same side anyway.

  • No.

    Obama is many things, and even a hypocrite for other manners, but can anyone truly blame a man for wanting to protect his daughters in any way he can? As long as he goes about it in a legal manner, as befitting any citizen of the United States, I see no problem with it.

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