• To my fellow american born friends. Obama& Clinton are dangerous cons

    Take a look around in our great land that the lord thy god has provided for us. If you want America to stand then you vote trump. Read the bible its the one that everyone likes that we don't want in oval office Clinton is the one we don't need in office. If you want a better America for your future vote trump the one that is not liked. Because he holds nothing back when it is defending our freedom and constitution. If those of you can not handle truth then you need to check your heart and talk with god because he does not stand for liars like Obama and clinton

  • Yes. Obama could be more truthful.

    Yes. I feel that President Obama was tasked with an impossible situation, but I also feel that he could have been more honest with the American people. His spending has sky rocketed, but there is little to show for all the debt that our country will have to pay for over the next 5 generations. I also think the health care situation has gotten out of hand. The American people had no say in the health care law, and yet were told everything would work out. This is still simply not true.

  • Obama is a liar

    "Project Gun Runner" also known in Arizona as "Operation Fast and Furious," could be the biggest and most under reported scandal of Obama's presidency.

    Now, a sting gone bad by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives -- it is a blunder that resulted not only in more than 1,700 smuggled weapon going from the U.S. To Mexico and officials believe these weapons may be connected to the deaths of at least two Americans.

    Now President Obama recently denied any prior knowledge of the operation, much less, granting its authorization.

  • He has done good things

    He created obama care, he has done numerous good things for our country and it needs to be recognized that he has been trying to help fix our economy no matter how destroyed it was. He has helped move people out of poverty all over the united states so before you label him as a liar really think about his honest intentions.

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