• He absolutely is

    On November 18, speaking about the refugees he plans on allowing into this country, he asked if republicans are scared of some women!? What can some women do? What women aren't strong or capable enough according to him? Well hours later a woman exploded a bomb killing a police dog, and injuring police.

  • Yes he is

    Im really happy that someone brought this up, he without a doubt is along with a communist and socialist but thats not what this is about. Any person who actually respects women would marry Michelle Obama. She is a women who does not help the current crisis among girl worrying about body image. When you walk around claiming that everyone needs to eat right and Americas to fat you are making women question the way they look and therefore work to better their image, which can result in Anorexia and Bulimia. Also have you seen the way she looks? No one with respect to women would marry someone who looks like a man.

  • No, Obama is not a misogynist.

    I haven't seen any outward behavior that would lead me to the conclusion that Obama dislikes or hates women. He has a loving wife and two daughters who would probably agree. And he has appointed many women to his cabinet and high level posts. President Obama's opponents have vivid imaginations.

  • No. Well, not any more than any other standing leader.

    There is always a slight air of inherited misogyny in governmental posts, but this is hardly his fault. When his first term election came down to "The woman or the black guy" (as many of my international friends put it), there was a wave of gender-related outcries. However, he himself has never shown indication of gender biased and has been quite outspoken on gender equality and female rights.

  • No President Obama is not a misogynist.

    Since misogynist is a person who hates or dislike women the President's conduct and political positions prove that he not a misogynist. President Obama's outspoken positions on equal pay for women, his appointment of women to Cabinet level posts and Federal Judgeships and his respectful treatment of women in general are not the actions of a misogynist.

  • No he is not.

    Obama is not a misogynist. He supports women's rights, abortion and has had several women in high positions (had Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and appointed two female Supreme Court Justices). Obama has the majority of the female vote allowing him to edge out the Mitt Romney in the election. The chances of him being a misogynist is low to none.

  • No I do not believe that Obama is a misogynist

    I believe that there is no evidence to support a claim that Obama is a misogynist and that he is for the rights of everyone. He has appointed both men and women to positions of power within his Administration, and has campaigned for the equality of all Americans regardless of what background, including gender that he or she comes from.

  • He treats women with respect

    If someone were to say that he is masogynictic, then they are clearly not looking past their own jusgements of the man. There are many Republicans out there who have clearly been outright offensive to women time and time again be in transvaginal probes before abortions or denying them birth control.

  • He Means Well

    While I personally don't agree with many of Obama's policies, he seems to mean well in his opinions towards women's rights, and he is respectful of the First Lady as well. I haven't seen any evidence of him acting sexist in his debates, appearances, or other media. Then again, we only see what the media shows...

  • No, in my opinion Barack Obama is not a misogynist.

    Barack Obama is marking his name down in history as one of the most liberal presidents in the United States short time. In many of his State of The Union speeches he talks about how women should be paid equally compared to their male counterparts. Men with two daughters should care about women rather than treat them as lower citizens.

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