• Of Course He Is.

    He's either radical, or completely insane. But those who are insane don't know the difference between right and wrong -- Obama, on the other hand, DOES. Only a sadistic radical would:
    - make a kill list, targeting even American citizens,
    - sign the NDAA, allowing for the indefinite detention of citizens without due process,
    - propose the Enemy Expatriate Act, which aims to strip Americans of their citizenship if they commit "crimes,"
    - gun down a 14-year-old American using one of his predator drones, and it not grasp international attention.

  • If you really buy into the hype

    Many people like to say this to explain why the country is having issues, but it's just not true. In fact, in regards to social issues, I think Obama isn't radical enough. He supports gay marriage and not raiding medical marijuana dispensaries, but does nothing to support these views. The most 'radical' thing I can think of is nationalized healthcare, which is something almost every other democracy has had for a while now.

  • Only to those that really want him to be

    All the claims demonizing Obama and how horrifying his proposals will be are completely off base, so no, he isn't. If the actual person and not the one some groups make him out to be is observed, he is not a radical. The only ones deducing he is are making straw man arguments because he doesn't like the same concepts that they do, making him radical in their mind. That is not what the word means.

  • No, he is a moderate.

    Ask any political scientist worth their salt, and they will tell you that Obama is primarily a centrist or a moderate who leans slightly left. He is a free market capitalist, and although he holds some progressive views on certain social issues, even those views are quite moderate when compared to any political compass. He is an establishment politician, and the claims otherwise are unfortunately grounded in xenophobia, a desire to paint him as negative and "foreign" because he is black.

  • No he's not

    Obama is a great leader, Republicans try to paint him as so many things but they do not give him the respect he deserves.

    The man has been elected to run the country twice now, he's far from a radical at times I feel he's the only adult in the room when he has to deal with the radical right.

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