• Yes, his goal is to fundamentally transform America

    Obama believes that America is a fundamental source for evil in the world. This is evident when he went on his "apology tour" to other nations earlier in his first term and apologized for America's arrogance. He also does not believe in our capitalistic economy. His goal is to equalize incomes by demonizing people who have worked hard to be successful. Lastly, he wants to entitle people to government handouts, making us more dependent on the government. All of these things mean disaster for America.

  • Liberal but not liberal to the point of sickness

    Obama pretty much fits everything that's a democrat. I would say he's just a average liberal if just normal democrat. Bill Clinton came into office VERY liberal in my opinion. Clinton's health care plan was actually more liberals than Obama's. But I have heard lot's of progressives say he's too conservative.

  • No, he's moderate at best

    President Obama has some liberal ideas. He also has some conservative ideas. I actually think he represents the majority of Americans, which are somewhere in the middle. If he were truly a radical liberal, gun control, health care, and a myriad of other issues would have been passed very early on.

  • NO

    I would say that in some areas, like this health care deal, that he is not nearly radical enough.

    If you want to look at radical liberals, look at these senators in New York and some other places that wanted to effectively ban everything but bolt action rifles and actually wanted to forcibly seize all of them.

    If you want a radical liberal, look at some of these people who have argued that a voluntary army actually discriminates against minorities because they're much more likely to be poor and want to start the draft up again.

    As much as I'm not too fond of some of our illustrious leader's policies, he could go a fair country mile before he goes completely off the deep end.

  • Obama is a liberal but he is not radical.

    President Obama supports liberal ideas. He thinks that government should have a bigger role in regulating activities performed by the private sector. But, he believes in free enterprise. Obama also supports more freedom for individuals in social issues. Obama support the rights of ethnic minorities, immigrants, gays, women and others. Obama believes in social justice and he believes in equal rights for all.

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