• What do you think

    He is the head of all the reptilian churches and the obvious head of the Illuminati, you should all worship him as he is part of the reptilian master race that rules us all, bow your heads people, we must prepare for the reptilians to take over our planet, enjoy extinction.

  • Reptilian Scum biggot

    Just Like Hillary Clitnon. Obama is a reptilian scum biggot that doesnt know how to run the country. Obama isnt a human. Its been proven by science. Why do you think all of his cousins are outer-space reptilian cum biggots just like him.If you don't agree, then you should reconsider living.

  • Obama is indeed a reptile.

    Reptiles, a simple but complex sub-species. You see, conspiracy theorists have proved constantly that reptiles and reptoids are coming closer to taking over the human race. The Grey aliens have implanted reptilian DNA into a human thus making this possible. They tested it with an african american person and out came Obama. Obama is a reptile. If you don't agree, then you should reconsider living.

  • He is definitely human

    There really isn't much to it, simply because it is possible that Obama, along with other members of the human race are descendants from aliens, it is much more likely that they are simply homo sapiens. Since humans are mammals, we have fur/hair, and are warm-blooded. Although Obama is a man, he is a human and Michele Obama had a live birth. Therefore, Obama is not a reptile-he is definitely human.

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