• Ask Bin Laden if Obama is a strong leader.

    Obama has shown himself to be a strong leader, especially on foreign policy. Obama has reduced our military involvement in Iraq & he is in the process of drawing down military troops in Afghanistan. Additionally, Obama has moved away from unilateral intervention in foreign countries and has moved towards intervention with other countries or through NATO. While the US remains a superpower, we cannot continue to be the global police. The US must work with its allies in order to minimize the threat of global terrorism, and I believe that Obama has set our country on a path to accomplish this.

  • Obama as a Strong Leader

    Saying that Obama is a strong leader is not to say that he is the best choice. I feel that Obama is a strong leader. If he were not, he would not be holding his second term in office at this time. Public opinion holds faith and trust in his ability or he would not be where he is today.

  • Yes Obama is a strong leader.

    Obama is not only a strong leader for one reason but for many. To begin, he was handed the country in one of the worst economic downfalls that many of us have ever witnessed, but still managed to keep everything running and progressing toward the future. Obama has not focused on remaking the past, but rather the more important part, making the future as well as humanly possible for the upcoming generations.

  • Nope he isn't

    Obama just comes off as a tool he never even helped black people which is all he only tried to support IMO from his boring interviews . He talks about the only way to be successful is by luck instead of saying hard work and commitment are the reasoning to be successful . Luck happens but even lucky people have to work hard and earn things

  • He's not a strong leader.

    A strong leader? No, he's a coward and not respectable to anyone except those receiving handouts from him and his democratic regime. It isn't by chance that Russia does whatever they want in Ukraine and Syria. They don't fear or respect Obama. Why would they? Even with the Keystone pipeline, Obama was too afraid to go against party lines and would rather push the decision down the line for the next President.

  • No he's a rock star.

    Be honest with yourselves, Obama got elected because he is cool. NO one would have elected Obama because of his polices that punish success and discourage being wealthy, and all this about how he killed Osama bin Laden, I seriously doubt that there is a president who wouldn't have killed him. The moment just happened to present itself under his presidency. The only reason that Mitt Romney lost was because he was successful, and I ask you this now, is that a bad thing?

  • He is a strong speaker not a leader.

    He one the last two elections by his completion, his energetic speeches and people being lazy and wanting more handouts. He has made are economy worse not better, the decline has not even began to flatten out our debt is in fact growing quicker then before. He has also lied and handled the incident in Libya terribly. There has been no change(good) and we are all still hoping.

  • No, he's not a strong leader.

    Obama is not a strong leader by a long shot. A strong leader isn't necessarily right, or a good leader, but Obama isn't any of those. Obama has bowed to foreign leaders, handed back state gifts, and bends over backwards for most foreign leaders just to sign a deal. A look at George W. Bush is a look at a strong leader, regardless of what the world thought, we went ahead and forged our own path under Bush. Bush showed us that the US doesn't need the world to agree with us, because we're the US. Obama is showing us that we can't step on anyone's toes, and that, if possible we should be kissing foreign kings' feet.

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